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Phone dating - how to register

–Call 083 912 0025 and choose the registration option from the main menu.

–You will be prompted to enter your ID number to show that you are over 18, and choose your own secret 4-digit PINnumber. While registering, you will make 4 separate recordings about

  • 1 your appearance
  • 2 your occupation
  • 3 your hobbies and
  • 4 what you are looking for in a partner or friend.

All profile recordings are approved before being made available on the service, to make sure that they comply with the rules and guidelines. This process can take up to 1 or 2 working days. Each member then gets allocated a "voice mailbox" on the service, for people to leave them messages.

Once your registration is approved, the service will offer the following 8 menu options:

  1. You can leave a message for someone who is advertised in Hitching Post.

  2. You can collect your own messages, by using your ID number and PIN number. Each "voice mailbox" can hold up to 20 messages, so be sure to clear your mailbox regularly.

  3. You can also browse the database, entering your preferred age, area etc. You will be able to listen to profile recordings and leave messages for all Hitching Post members, even while their adverts are not in print.

  4. You can also register for live chat, enabling members to have live interaction with other callers who are on line at the same time.

  5. You can alter your registration details and update your profile recordings as often as you wish. Changes to profile recordings are also subject to approval.

  6. You can change your PINnumber.

  7. If you register to receive sms you will be notified via sms each time there is a message in your "voice mailbox". The sms will alert you to call 083 912 0025 and listen to your messages.

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