Joburg Pride and the after-party

16 August, 2010

JOHANNESBURG — Joburg Pride has noted the rumour-mongering and allegations made against it by certain individuals of late, specifically with regard to Joburg Pride hosting an official after-party. As such, Joburg Pride would like to make the following facts clear:

1. Joburg Pride will indeed be hosting an Official Pride After-Party this year, supported by a signed sponsor, with details to follow.

2. Joburg Pride’s mandate is to service and represent the needs of the broad sweep of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Gauteng, not solely the interests of any particular group.

3. The after-party is intended to be an inclusive and entertaining fundraiser to ensure that Joburg Pride remains a sustainable entity going into the future.

4. The after-party tickets will be priced at a competitive rate to accommodate as many people from the community as possible.

5. While Joburg Pride has not hosted an after-party in the past three years, this was in order to focus on rehabilitating the annual Pride Parade and Day in the Park, which has now been achieved.

6. Joburg Pride has the right and obligation to use all avenues open to it to generate funds to enable it to successfully stage the annual Pride event.

7. There is no legal hindrance to Joburg Pride hosting an after-party, nor is there any limitation on it doing so under its Articles of Association (the primary legally-registered document under which it operates).

8. Despite hosting its own after-party this year, Joburg Pride will continue to list, at no charge, other reputable Pride after-parties in Gauteng in its online schedule of events.

9. Joburg Pride will also continue to accept advertising for other reputable after-parties or clubs in its printed Pride Guide, subject to its usual terms and conditions.

10. Joburg Pride is run by a not-for-profit section 21 company consisting of a board of volunteers.

11. No board member stands to financially benefit from the hosting of the official after-party - all profit generated will go towards Joburg Pride.

12. As required by law, Joburg Pride's financials are audited every year.

13. The financials are presented to the public at Joburg Pride’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), despite this not being required by law or Joburg Pride’s Articles of Association.

14. Members of the LGBT community are urged to attend the AGM, which usually takes place in April or May and is widely advertised, to raise their concerns or to offer their assistance in putting on Joburg Pride.

Joburg Pride calls on party promoters and club owners to accept the official after-party as an additional entertainment offering during Pride, giving the LGBT community an even wider variety of options through which to celebrate its identity.

For more information about Joburg Pride, visit – Issued by Joburg Pride Gay Festival

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  • About Joburg Pride
    Joburg Pride is an annual celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Gauteng, South Africa. It is organised by a Section 21 not-for-profit company run primarily by a board of volunteers.



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