HIV/Aids 2006

Report: Vietnam could greatly improve success in fighting AIDS
Wanted: 100 gay HIV- gay men in the Cape Town area
UK AIDS organization blames schools for rise in HIV, homophobia
TAC: 'NO' to invitation to join a country delegation to UNGASS
UNGASS is a chance to make a new start
TAC and ALP excluded from UN HIV sessions
US AIDS Healthcare Foundation commends California Senate

HIV/Aids 2005

HIV rate hits all time high for gay men in UK
Time out for: Gay Cancer, GRIDS, AIDS and HIV
20,000 British people may have HIV without knowing it
World AIDS Day @ Cruise Caution urged over HIV 'cure' claims
UK aids patient cured without meds, doctor says
Study shows meth use primary cause of HIV increase
40 Injured, 10 shot at peaceful TAC protest for treatment
US students fight ban on gay blood donation
Zackie Achmat is recovering well from heart attack
Stats SA mortality report confirms massive increase AIDS deaths
Super bug or super blunder?
US FDA public health advisory for Nevirapine (Viramune)
TAC expresses condolences to the Mandela family

HIV/Aids 2004

China's gay men know little about AIDS: survey
Dr. Saul Levin elected new MESAB President
Memorandum to Minister of Health and all provincial MECs for health
Why TAC is going to court tomorrow, holding demonstrations
TAC has't withdrawn legal action against Dept
Southern China offers gay men free HIV tests: report
Gail Johnson - A woman of serious substance
Aids drugs manufacturers not off the hook on pricing
Joint Statement by the TAC and MSF (SA)
TAC sets record straight on nevirapine
SA activists denounce Govt's decision on nevirapine
Protests at AIDS forum amid row over cash, cheap drugs
Once-shy religious groups now in forefront of battle against Aids
HIV boom did not follow syphilis outbreaks in 2 US cities
Activists stage anti-US demo's over Bush and aids
Health Dept: No ARV suspension for children, but check supplies
Chinese AIDS activist under house arrest during US visit
US panel urged to cut cost of aids drug Norvir
Hong Kong: hiv/aids on increase among gays
SADAG: mental arena new battle front in war against aids
LA porn industry resumes production after HIV outbreak
Africa falls short on AIDS: Heywood
HIV+ man accused of putting 170 people at risk in Seattle
Transsexual LA porn star tests postitive for HIV
Zimbabwe MPs to take up public HIV tests
MNet drama explores the start of the Aids pandemic in the US
TAC extends condolences to Buthelezi family
SA study: male violence towards women boosts hiv risk
TAC welcomes the appointment of Mbeki's new Cabinet
TAC calls for all-party aids group
Hiv+ gymnast: Cirque du Soleil settles for $600,000
Scientists to test gels in Africa that could prevent HIV
Provide resources to fight aids, says Kaunda
10% of South African youth have HIV, survey shows
de Lille and her ID party's candidates get hiv/aids tests
Fraser-Moleketi gives clarity on research
US invests R19m to fight aids in SA
American websites team up to create hivaids resource centre
First saliva test for HIV approved in US
Aids Law project welcomes minister's response
Minister responds to TAC's call for ARV's
UN aids chief not optmistic about vaccine
African 'bushmeat' could trigger aids-style epidemic
TAC to discuss strategy
Manto to respond to TAC threats next week
Prison 'halves' life expectancy of aids sufferes
TAC threatens Manto over aids drugs
Still time for aids drugs proposals: govt
TAC Threatens court action against govt
Rights group says HIV plan fails SA rape survivors
Gauteng to present aids plan to council
TAC welcomes R2.1-billion budget for hiv/aids
SA health minister must clarify stance on ARVs says opposition
Germany launches HIV/Aids vaccine trial
US acrobat Matthew Cusick illegally sacked by Cirque du Soleil for being HIV+
TAC keeping SA govt on track with hiv/aids
Aids infection upsurge in US black male sudents
TAC 'misunderstood' Mbeki
Time names TAC, Achmat newsmakers

HIV/Aids 2003

TAC, Zackie Achmat nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Bono's suprise visit to TAC rally
46664 Concert gallery pictures
Magic Johnson warns on Aids
Roses, thorns for govt on W. Aids Day
UN seeks help for Aids drugs
Cuba 'working on (Aids) vaccine': doctor
Activists, health workers, celebrities mark World Aids Day
UN Aids Report: global epidemic still spreading
World Aids crisis: Africa enters the death phase
World Aids pandemic: latest figures
UN official urges Asia to overcome Aids stigma
China offers free treatment to poor Aids patients
Clinton links fight against Aids to war on terrorism
Irish priest first in South Africa in human HIV vaccine trials
South African HIV vaccine trials to start soon: Saavi
US conservatives question research on AIDS, sexual practices
Clinton programme to provide Aids drugs to poor countries
Big names for Mandela global Aids concert in Cape Town
Aids epidemic levelling off in South Africa: researchers
HIV drugs 'cocktail' slashes mortality, prolongs life: study
Health minister receives Aids plan
Anti-HIV gel is great but distant goal
Bill Gates on Aids: We haven't done enough
Trespass charges agaisnt TAC activists dropped
Aids in Africa factfile
Reinstate Aids treatment for rape victims say NGOs
Life insurance ban on those with HIV is unfair: study
HIV study boosts Nevirapine for combatting child infection
Dept of Health, TAC cross swords again
Brazil's breaking patents on Aids drug with drug companies
US Senators see Botswana as model for fighting Aids
Canadian patients get government-grown marijuana
US Senators see Botswana as model for fighting Aids
ANC, TAC welcome cabinet announcement on Aids treatment
Achmat to resume Aids drugs
Cabinet OKs Aids treatment plan
Cameron leads Aids protest in Durban
S. Africa has 600 new infections a day
Hundreds march on Dbn Aids conference
Durban conference: Universal Aids treatment needed soon
Aids comeback in the USA forces prevention strategy change
South African health dept stung by Archbishop's comments
Infections with more than one HIV strain rises
Hundreds march on Durban Aids conference
Clinton takes on Aids cause for Mandela
'Government report on Aids' leaked by TAC
Beware dodgy Aids products
Gadaffi 'If you are straight, you have nothing to fear from Aids'
Aids blunts treatments and laughs at vaccines
Irish find a strain from the 1980s that died out




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