Health news & briefs 2006
Lesbian brains react to sex hormones like straight men research finds
Silence=Meth Campaign targets new epidemic
Results of mini survey conducted by Triangle Project
US body: syphilis rates soar in gay and bisexual men
Lesbian Wellness 101
Study says male escorts help educate clients
The Celebrity way to a flat stomach
New research furthers debate on gay genetics
Press release regarding blood donation by the SA Joint Working Group
Crystal Meth�the satanic brew crippling the gay community

Health news & briefs 2005

Lesbians Take Care
UK Home Secretary hints at Crystal Meth re-classification
October is breast cancer awareness month
How sleep affects your fitness
Study: Gays & lesbians at greater risk for mental illness
Doctor's question validity of bisexuality as sexual preference
London researchers say being gay is genetic
Stem Cell research may provide hope to gay couples
Study shows syphilis rates lower in countries with gay marriage laws
Rare disease targeting gay men
'Irrelevant' gay gene/pro life bill is killed
NYC Gay & Lesbian Center Expands Meth Treatment Site
Study finds gay men respond differently to pheremones
New FDA guidelines bar anonymous gay sperm donation
Rare disease found in gay men spreads to UK
US study finds one in six gay men use Viagra
The Non-Diet Diet: A Weight Loss Plan That Works
Health news & briefs 2004
�Gay Bowel Syndrome� struck from textbook
GLMA decries decision by NY Medical College to ban GLBT's from student group
Gay men using Viagra recreationally
Protein in Sperm: Powerful Antibacterial
Commitment — The Dirty Word!
High incidence of recreational drug use amongst gay men
Maternal genes, family size linked to homosexuality: study
Are you in danger of developing diabetes?
Canderel's delicious sugar-free recipe for a carrot and cardamom cake
Study shows blood pressure pill improves vessels
Sexually transmitted infections continue to rise in Britain
A balancing act to get alcohol's benefits but not harms
Lies about penis size to stop kids smoking
Antibiotic-resistant strain of syphilis spreading
Lesbian researchers confront their community's health problems
American Cancer Society reaches out to lesbian survivors and their partners
New treatment can extend life of prostate cancer sufferers
SADAG launches online mental health chat forum
Erectile dysfunction no laughing matter
US to refuse gay sperm donors
Fears of crystal meth rise in NY's nightclubs
Male eating disorders on the rise say experts
Twin blow for world's diabetes sufferers
Creativity may be important in healthy aging
Lose a tooth? Just grow a new one! say British scientists
Cocoa is back in fashion, with benefits
Low-calorie diet reduces stroke, heart attack risk: study
Study offers more evidence of benefits of ejaculation
Study says breast cancer survival improves with activity
Moderate drinking may benefit high blood pressure patients, too
Radiation after prostate cancer recurs benefits high-risk patients
Chocolate therapy – know thyself with a box of chocolates
DNA chip sniffs out doctored food
US poor poor more obese due to cheap junk food
Developed world underestimate benefits of sexual health
South Africans would gain from medical aid reforms: minister
Health agency to boost global campaign on healthy eating
UK authorities alarmed at teen sex, drugs & food habits
US govt bans herbal weight-loss supplement ephedra
US urban-dwellers' quest for companionship and sex

Health news & briefs 2003

South African Aids plan decision widely welcomed
Longevity depends on cholesrtol gene, study finds
Lawmakers vote in favour of downgrading marijauna drug status Laser hits the spot for acne sufferers
UK scientists discove how to suppress flu symptoms
Chicago offers free meningitis inoculations to gay men
New promising drug to keep women free of breast cancer
McDonald's testing adult happy meals for health conscious
Experimental cervical cancer vaccine promising
Sex hormones explain male heart attacks
Hot water pipes can harbour deadly bacteria: study
Adult-onset diabetes said most common form
Moderate exercise can cut older women's breast cancer risk
Study: Zoloft helps depression in children too
High sugar consumption increases risk of disease
Over-the-counter pain relievers may reduce Parkinson'd risk 80 meningitis cases a year in Gauteng says Health Dept
New Australian research links breast cancer to virus
Psychiatrists to acknowledge retail therapy as a disorder
Women's health: More bad news about hormone pills
Beer & wine cost society more than heroin & cocaine
Fast food giant to encourage healthy eating
Sharp rise in syphilis cases alarms German health authority
Masturbation may protect agaist cander, study indicates
Ice cream has loads of fat, calories
Healthcare network for SA for better service
US judge dismisses tobacco companies' lawsuit
Clicks cleared to run pharmacies
Little ecstasy now, big brain illness later




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