Could Viagra be a cure for jet lag?

Duane Wells | June 04, 2007

Viagra, the little blue pleasure pill responsible for reinvigorating the sex lives of so many grateful members of the male species, might well have more in common with the Energizer bunny than previously thought if recently released research proves to be accurate.

According to BBC News, a team of researches in Argentina have found that Viagra helped a test group of hamsters recover up to 50% faster from forward shifts in their daily time cycles, which suggests that the drug could ultimately help humans flying eastwards recover more rapidly from jet lag.

Strangely, however, this new research also indicates that using Viagra only works to reduce jet lag in one direction, meaning that it does not appear to have the same effect when the subject is moving in a westward direction. Further the drug only seems to have the desired reverse effect on the symptoms associated with jet lag when it is used in conjunction with light therapy, without which Viagra appears to have no effect whatsoever on jet lag according to preliminary findings.

That said, researchers, along with Pfizer, the maker of Viagra, are stressing that no human trials with respect to the use of Viagra as an antidote for jet lag have been conducted. For its part, Pfizer is also encouraging people currently using Viagra to only use the drug in accordance with the instructions on the label of the wonder drug.

I still have one question though� how do these researches know that the hamsters are indeed less jetlagged as a result of the Viagra injections they are being subjected to or instead just so horny from all those doses of the libidinous drug (no matter how low they may be) that they don�t even realize that they�re jetlagged? I guess we�ll just have to wait for the human trials to figure that one out. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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