New treatment for penile curvature announced

Anthony Cuesta | May 21, 2007

SAN DIEGO — fsPhysioMed announced Saturday that its mechanical penile traction device, the Extender, has been demonstrated to produce from 10 degree to 45 degree improvements in Peyronie's curvatures for study patients.

Peyronie's Disease results in an unnatural curvature of the penis caused by scarring within the penile tissue.

The device also produced up to a 2 cm increase in length with accompanying increases in girth. The trial was conducted as a controlled study by Dr. Laurence Levine, of Chicago IL. Dr. Levine, a leading researcher and author in the field of Peyronie's Disease, said, "This was a small, proof of concept trial and the preliminary results are very encouraging indeed. Penile traction appears to offer an effective, non-invasive, and non-surgical treatment option for Peyronie's Disease. This is the first treatment option of its kind that has undergone clinical trials.

�The most exciting result is that every patient had some degree of measured improvement in their penile deformity. The data will no doubt be the basis of larger, multi-center trials in the future. For now, it is a reliable indication that mechanical penile traction can offer a significant degree of relief for sufferers of this condition." The recently completed trial will be the subject of professional articles and presentations by Dr. Levine.

"We will now work to get this information to physicians and specialists so that they can inform patients of this new treatment option," said Mike Hays, Vice President of fsPhysioMed. "This is a debilitating condition that affects many men. Now physicians can offer their patients a safe, effective, and tested alternative to surgery and other invasive treatments."

Research has yet to identify a specific cause, or cure for Peyronie's Disease. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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