Branda Fasie bows out
"We are busy organising a well structured send-off, which will be in a form of a memorial service and a prayer meeting, to be held before the end of the week," EMI said in Johannesburg.
Amateur gay ice hockey leagues thrive in the United States and Canada with no vilent incidents as in the heterosexual games. In fact, a few romances have even blossomed between players.

Gay Games Chicago 2006
Billy Bean, prominent spokesperson for the LGBT community and ten-year professional baseball veteran, is joining the Gay Games Ambassadors program, it was announced today by the Federation of Gay Games. More
Holland 'exports' emancipation
Recently the Dutch gay and lesbian advocacy group, the COC, has started 'exporting' emancipation to former East Bloc countries. Called U SEE LGBT-project it is training former East Bloc countries in gay liberation.
Pink Loerie Festival
The sleepy town on the South African Garden Route is opening its arms to gays and lesbians for the fourth time in May and throwing a four-day festival. The mardi gras celebration has been drawing increasingly bigger crowds.
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Diversity is good for the economy
Antigay discrimination is bad for the U.S. economy says a heterosexual economics professor. It is one that more and more businesses and cities are taking seriously, and one that could have a big impact on the future of gay people's pursuit of equal rights. More

Sport - water polo in the US
Once considered the roughhousing brats of the GLBT aquatics community, lesbian and gay water polo teams have grown up, and their sport's series of tournaments make for serious competition.

Living with HIV
Trapeze artist Matthew Cusick was illegally sacked by Cirque du Soleil because he was infected with HIV an investigation by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded.

Gay athletes have long been invisible in pro basketball. So when an out gay African-American player is approached by semi-pro scouts at a gay sports event, the hope for change grows - for a while.

The brutal murder of Brandon Teena, a biological female who lived as a man, called attention to violence against transgender people and played a major role in galvanizing transgender community activism in the 1990s.

The Treatment Action Campaign Aids drug lobby group and its leader Zachie Achmat have been jointly named the National Press Club's newsmakers of 2003.

US launches world's first gay retirement village Joy Silver, RainbowVision's president, has dreamed for decades about a retirement community for gays and lesbians, now she's making it a reality.

Almost two-thirds of the calls received by the South African teen crisis line were about teasing and being gossiped about. Children who were overweight, gay or perceived to be gay and disabled children suffered the most bullying.

Internet dating
Flirting and dating on-line is no different to doing it off-line, just a lot safer and easier if you do it right. Most of the 'rules' are common sense. Your mother was most probably right - you just don't have to admit it.



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