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Who was June Jordan?
Bisexual poet June Jordan devoted her life and work to the struggles of oppressed and disenfranchised people throughout the world. Her belief that all forms of oppression are connected led writer Alice Walker to dub her "the universal poet." More

History of the Rainbow Flag
The rainbow flag stands out as this era's best-known LGBT symbol. The rainbow has been used by many cultures, as a symbol of hope. But the use of the rainbow flag to symbolize gay pride originated with artist Gilbert Baker More

Paris ready for Martina's third coming
Two-and-a-half years short of her 50th birthday, Martina Navratilova makes the second French Open singles comeback of her career next week.

Brenda Fasie bows out
"We are busy organising a well structured send-off, which will be in a form of a memorial service and a prayer meeting, to be held before the end of the week," EMI said in Johannesburg.
Amateur gay ice hockey leagues thrive in the United States and Canada with no vilent incidents as in the heterosexual games. In fact, a few romances have even blossomed between players.

Volvo queer ad wins Ogilvy award
Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) received the esteemed David Ogilvy Award for its innovative use of research in advertising by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) at the ARF David Ogilvy Awards Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City on April 27. More
Holland exports queer liberation
The Netherlands in 2002 became the first country in the world to legalise gay and lesbian marriages. Now that social equality has been achieved the country is 'exporting' emancipation starting with the former East Bloc coutries.
Gay Games Chicago 2006
Billy Bean, prominent spokesperson for the LGBT community and ten-year professional baseball veteran, is joining the Gay Games Ambassadors program, it was announced today by the Federation of Gay Games. More
Pink Loerie Festival
The sleepy town on the South African Garden Route is opening its arms to gays and lesbians for the fourth time in May and throwing a four-day festival. The mardi gras celebration has been drawing increasingly bigger crowds.
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Diversity is good for the economy
Antigay discrimination is bad for the U.S. economy says a heterosexual economics professor. It is one that more and more businesses and cities are taking seriously, and one that could have a big impact on the future of gay people's pursuit of equal rights. More

Sodomy in 18th centure Cape Town
The 1753 trial of a Dutchman and two slaves were executed by being tied together and thrown overboard into the icy waters of Table Bay for the crime of sodomy.

The (US) National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
The history of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), one of the oldest extant LGBT rights organizations, reflects the shifting political fortunes of the community as the larger political climate has cycled from conservative to liberal and back again. More

Opinion: Elections 2004: The queer vote
There has always been a loyalty to the ANC from gay quarters due to the fact that it was gay activists like Simon Nkoli within the struggle movement, and therefor part of the ANC in most cases, who put the sexual orientation clause on the table and subsequently discrimination on those grounds were banned. More

Athletics are a global phenomenon often used as a political football for nationalist politics. Some cultural theorists agree that team sports are basically a substitute for war.
San Fancisco's role in gay rights in the US
By the early 1960s, San Francisco had a flourishing gay subculture, but one that still faced repression. Several events at the turn of that decade cemented links between the bar scene and the nascent homophile movement. More

Cape Town Pride
Gavin Hayward strolls down the Mother City's main drag to discover that the pride turnout was low but the huge crowd of onlookers more than made up as excited Capetownians gawked at the half-naked men on floats. More
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    Film fest
    The South African gay and lesbian film festival celebrates 10 years of queer cinema. This year it travells to 8 cities and opens in the following three cities: JHB 11 March; Cape Town 18 March; Durban 1 April.
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    Queer legends
    The Boys in the Band was one of the first plays to portray gay men before a mainstream audience and over the years many have come to appreciate it as a documentary of preliberation times. It is also an indictment of society'shomophobia. More.
    Living with HIV
    Trapeze artist Matthew Cusick was illegally sacked by Cirque du Soleil because he was infected with HIV an investigation by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission concluded.
    Domestic partnerships
    UN Secretary General Kofi Annan took a cautious step on gay rights and common-law marriage on Thursday, extending UN employee benefits to domestic partners recognised as such by their homelands.
    Queer legends
    The AIDS epidemic has had a profound effect on the LGBT community, bringing many people out of the closet for the first time and influencing the attitudes of government officials and the public toward gay men. More


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