Now with 2003/2004 Tax Tables

Here are some very handy calculators made available to you compliments of

These calculators are regularly updated, particularly at tax year end when tax rules and tables are changed by SARS. It is therefore important that you regularly visit the site and get the latest versions of these calculators. If you have registered with, we will keep you informed, via e-mail, as and when these updates occur. We trust that you will gain great benefit by using these calculators.

Our Quick Tax Calculator provides a quick, no frills facility that enables you to determine the tax you can expect to pay on a given monthly or annual cash package.

The Retirement Payout Calculator provides an indication of the tax-free portion of a payout from a Retirement Annuity, Pension or Provident Fund. It can also help give you an estimate of the tax you will pay on the taxable portion of these payouts.

The Car versus Car Allowance Analyzer helps you to determine if you would be better off accepting a Car Allowance or taking a Company Car from a tax perspective.

How far will your Car  Allowance go? Calculate the Cost of Running Your Car and compare it to your Car Allowance.

Loan Amortisation enables  you to determine how much  interest you'll pay on a loan. You can alter the interest rate, the loan term,  the number of payments per year to compare how much to pay each month until your  loan is paid off. Ideal for Home Loans, Car Loans and Long-term Personal  Loans.

Our Cummulative Tax Calculator allows  for the calculation of tax due on a package or a lumpsum payment which takes into account year-to-date earnings, year-to-date tax paid and any previous lumpsum payments.

Quick Tax Return allows for a tax liability check on your income earned during a given tax year.


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