Go! Get Laid – Now
Go, have sex. Now. Get laid. Bathe your face in a woman's juices, drill your fingers into her center, drape yourself over her lap as she turns your ass cheeks bright red, offer up your sex-tender nipples, open your legs to her hands. Don't wait another minute. Don't let your dildos gather lint in your sock drawer, your lube bottle glue itself shut from disuse. Don't let the batteries die in your vibrator for lack of action.
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How To Be a Great Lover
Google the title of this article, "How To Be a Great Lover," and you'll come up with tens of thousands of hits, many for a popular sex guide of the same title, and others linking to online dating advice and similar commercial sites. Some of the advice you'll find is very good; much is gimmicky. Read more
Violet Blue - Photo: Jacob Appelbaum Dirty, Dirty Podcasts for Lesbians
Violet Blue is an evangelist for porn, and she has a message for lesbians: "Lesbians should be making homemade porn, but it's not happening yet. The technology is still really new, so I don't think it's sunk in yet just how much fun this can be...
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Are You Getting Any Action?
When my book, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, first came out, there was one question I was asked over and over and over: 'So, are you getting much action?' Women wanted to know if I'd been getting a lot of, well, attention.Read more
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A (Dirty Little) Valentine's Wish for You
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Yes, No, Maybe


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