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Felice Newman,

If you're making your list and checking it twice, here are some shopping suggestions for the dykes in your life.

Gift Idea No. 1
For the deserving butch, there's VixSkin, a material similar to Cyberskin, that remarkably realistic-feeling mixture of PVC and silicone used to make dildos.

Cyberskin dildos feature a hard core with a softer outer layer, so they feel like real skin layered over a stiff dick. While Cyberskin warms to body temperature rather quickly, and can be stretched and pulled and "remember" its original shape, it tears easily and gets dirty – fast! Every bit of dust or lint sticks to its tacky surface. Sure, you can cover it with a condom – but then you lose that marvelous skin-like texture.

Along came VixSkin, the brainstorm of Vixen Creations, makers of high-quality silicone dildos. If you've shopped for dildos at Good Vibrations, Toys in Babeland, or any of the other dyke-friendly sex toy stores, you've probably wrapped your hot little hands around a Vixen silicone dildo. (It may not have been labeled as such; retailers tend to give the toys their own proprietary names.)

The thing that's so great about this new material is that it's 100 percent silicone, rather than a mix of PVC and silicone. The new material does not break down or degrade. VixSkin dildos are luxuriously realistic. They combine the feel of Cyberskin with the long-lasting convenience of silicone. You can sterilize a silicone dildo in a pot of boiling water or toss it in the dishwasher – no more gray, sticky, lint-coated dildos.

The downside to VixSkin is the lack of variety – but I'm sure the elves at the Vixen dildo design center are hard at work coming up with new models. For the time being, Vixen's website offers two VixSkin "functional" dildos – the Tex (5 inches long, 1-13/16 in diameter) and the LoneStar (6 inches long, 1-7/8 in diameter) – and a soft packing dildo called Mr. Right (5-1/2 inches long, 1-1/4 in diameter). VixSkin dildos are also really expensive – the packer is $50, and the stiff dildos retail for $93-$99. Which probably explains their small stature – what would a hefty 8-inch by 2-inch dildo cost in this material?

Gift Idea No. 2.
Anal-sex guru Tristan Taormino's signature butt plugs are designed to go in and stay in. The Tristan is 3-1/2 inches long with a 1-1/2-inch thick head. The Tristan 2 is 3-3/4 inches long with a considerable 2-1/16-inch thick head. The Tristan 2 has a hollow base to fit a small vibrator. Says Taormino, "Thanks to the long neck, the bulbous head, and the two concave cut-outs off the base, it slides easily in past the sphincter muscles and fits nicely between your cheeks!" (No more butt plugs that pop out at the wrong moment and shoot across the room.) They're both available from and select retailers for $42-$48.

Gift Idea No. 3.
Tired of silicone? You can now find butt plugs in Pyrex, steel, chrome, and granite. (Yes, granite.) There is something about a hefty toy. Metal, glass, and stone are good choices if you like the fullness of a solid weight exerting pressure on the walls of your rectum. Try rolling over or lifting your butt in the air – the gravitational pull on a half-pound butt plug is something to be experienced. Pyrex and metal are easy to clean, and they conduct temperature. You can easily warm up these toys in a basin of water. Plus, the highly polished surfaces help the plug slide right in. Check out Babeland for an elegant and substantial fracture-resistant glass butt plug ($35). Good Vibrations sells stainless steel "sparkle" plugs with crystals embedded in the base ($69-$89). Blowfish stocks a wide selection of steel butt plugs with decorative bases – dragons, flowers, jewels, and even a blowfish! ($50-$175) Stockroom sells granite butt plugs for $49-$52.

Gift Idea No. 4.
Acrylic and glass dildos now come in a wide variety of exquisite designs. The shapes are graceful as well as functional, with lovely curves just right for G-spot play. Innerspace makes a large assortment of acrylic toys that are voluptuous, durable, and discreet. (Many fit securely into special stands for display as objets d'art.) ($55-$83) Blowfish carries an array of ruby curved-glass dildos, juicer-style glass dildos (the cock head looks like an orange juicer), and glass dildos with bumps, spirals, and handles that invite you to crank that baby up. ($24 - $180)

Felice Newman is a founding publisher of Cleis Press and the author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us. She can be reached at Visit her at

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