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Lesbian (Detachable) Fellatio

Felice Newman,

Some women who read my column on masturbating with a strap-on ("Jerking Off Like a Guy") requested a column on blowjobs – that is, oral sex with a detachable cock. Seems my readers are running through the list of male sex acts that we can co-opt to our own pleasure. One woman was particularly blunt: "Blowjobs are so much better," she wrote.

What's a lesbian blowjob? You strap on your favorite dildo. Your partner takes it in her mouth, sucking, licking, deep-throating, usually while holding onto the shaft of the dildo so that she can rub the base into your mons and clitoris. You can also thrust into her mouth. Her hand will help control the depth of your thrusts.

Why would anyone want to suck a hunk of silicone? The allure of this practice is part fantasy and part sensation. Most women who enjoy fellatio with a strap-on get off on the gender twist. Many of those who "pack" – tucking a strap-on dildo into Levi's 501s – enjoy the ritual of a woman unbuttoning their jeans to reveal their package. Others get off on the feeling of power they experience when watching their partner on her knees, servicing their cock. And if you're into butch-on-butch gay boy fantasies, well, reserve your gloryhole and send out the invitations.

As with masturbating by manipulating one's strap-on dick, lesbian fellatio is a sexual art drawing on imagination and presence. In other words, dear reader, if you think that thang is real, it is.

Presence is that quality that lets someone feel your energy in a room before they can see or hear you. Fact is, your hot self extends well beyond your flesh and bones. Your sexual energy can reach all the way to the tip of that silicone wonder you stuff inside your jeans.

You can imagine the action of your partner's mouth on your tool drawing sensation from your clitoris into the base, shaft, and head of your strap-on. As one woman wrote me, "I really can't explain the rush I get from a woman sucking my cock. It's almost like it's a real extension of me; and at times it has gotten me off."

You can combine silicone cocksucking with other kinds of stimulation. Your partner can lick her way to your butt or insert a finger into your anus. You can wear a butt plug while your partner gives you head. Your partner can slide her fingers behind the harness and stroke your clit. (For that matter, you can slide your own fingers behind your harness and stroke your own clit.)

You can slip a small battery-operated vibrator under the harness to provide direct clitoral stimulation. One woman wrote, "Sometimes while I'm getting sucked off, I'll put a pocket rocket on my clit and visualize myself shooting down my partner's throat."

Some women combine fellatio with vaginal penetration, using a double-headed dildo angled just right for fellatio. You can insert one end into your vagina and offer up the other to be sucked. Or you can invite your partner to slip her fingers inside you.

For others, vaginal penetration and cocksucking is a confusing mix. They may not want attention paid to their vagina. The way their female sexual anatomy fits with their gender identity is nuanced.

For butches who don't identify as women per se – along with tranny boys, transmen, and third genders – receiving fellatio is a marker of gender identity. Receiving a blowjob is one of the great payoffs of masculine sexuality.

Felice Newman is a founding publisher of Cleis Press and the author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us. She can be reached at Visit her at

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