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Anal Pleasure, Part 2: Anal Massage for Lesbians

Felice Newman,

by Pierre Auguste Renoir I just saw two especially attractive lesbians engage in anal massage for the first time. Onscreen, that is. It was hot. The two were trying out their newly acquired anal massage skills, and they were doing it for the camera. This was not a let's-pretend-we're-novices contrivance; they talked each other through a curriculum of introductory techniques. These girls popped their cherries for all to see.

Their performance is captured in Joseph Kramer's new DVD, Anal Massage for Lovers, Volume 2 (Erospirit). Kramer, of course, is the gay man who married buttsex to spirituality, thus launching untold numbers of men into a blissed-out orbit of godliness. His new DVD features four couples, one of them an interracial, butch-femme lesbian duo who are so charismatic and engaging I wanted to invite them over for... well, anything they'd like, really.

That these lovers deeply desire one another is quite evident. You can't miss their connection. There's genuine joy here, and laughter – not of mishap or slapstick, but of delight.

They comment on the importance of communication: "I believe that talking to my partner and having my partner talk to me, whether we're talking explicitly to turn each other on, or whether we're giving information, is super important. And it's hot for us," says the budding masseuse. Her lover concurs: "In a lover relationship, and even in a casual relationship, a lot of the turn-on is pleasing the other person. If you have some instruction, you're guaranteed to please."

They discuss body image, and their shared preference for big butts. And they explore the distinctions between orgasms from vaginal and anal penetration. "With vaginal penetration, the mount to climax is a tightening of my anatomy," she continues. "My PC muscles get tighter and tighter and tighter until there's this huge release. Whereas with anal penetration, orgasm can be a more full body feeling because my ass gets looser and looser and looser. Especially if I'm taking really deep breaths, I feel my body relaxing in my center."

Anal Massage for Lovers is just one in a genre of how-to sex-ed videos and DVDs that are as erotically arousing as they are educational. If I haven't convinced you to grab your girlfriend, a bottle of lube, and the remote, here are 10 other reasons to engage in anal exploration.

1. Anal massage feels fabulous!

2. Many of us hold tension in the anal area. Anal massage provides a way to get a massage from the inside.

3. Anal penetration can help heal and even prevent hemorrhoids.

4. You can make friends with a part of your body you've been taught (at best) to ignore.

5. Anal penetration can provide indirect G-spot and clitoral stimulation

6. You can have it all. With your partner penetrating you anally from behind, you can press a vibrator to your clitoris, reach your fingers inside your vagina, stimulate your G-spot, and even feel your partner's fingers through the thin wall of tissue separating your vagina from your rectum.

7. You can have mind-blowing orgasms.

8. You can incorporate anal massage into your favorite scenes as a warm-up. You can be a submissive girl being taken by her dominant lover. With dildos and harnesses, you can pretend you're gay boys in the backroom of a bar. Because anal penetration is associated so strongly with stereotypes about gender and power, it's great for playing out many fantasies.

9. You can feel terribly naughty! Nothing like breaking a taboo to make you feel deliciously bold.

10. Anal penetration can create a sense of vulnerability and surrender. You can feel utterly taken. You can give it up in a big way.

Felice Newman is a founding publisher of Cleis Press and the author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us. She can be reached at Visit her at

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