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Simon Sheppard, QSyndicate.com

We've all seen the movie. There's a fade-in to an opulent, palatial room, most likely in ancient Rome. A self-indulgent emperor reclines on a gilded chaise lounge, gorging on grapes and roasted pig, while all around him lustful people are doing perfectly orgiastic things. This being the movies, you're more likely to see acres of well-oiled, toga-clad bodies squirming around than a single glimpse of dick, but no matter. Though the fabulous Technicolor orgy scene is most oft provided as an object lesson in the consequences of bad behavior – a prelude to the rise of some religious figure, the fall of Rome, or Samson bringing down the house – let's face it: Who amongst us, watching badly choreographed chorus boys doing some fake-ancient Macarena, hasn't at least for a moment thought, "Mmm, I want some of that"?

Well, buddy, the good news is that you can get it. As Prince might have said, "Tonight we're going to party like it's A.D. 99." Sure, it won't be exactly the same: Unless you're very lucky, Russell Crowe is supremely unlikely to show up. But yes, you too can take part in absolutely delectable orgies, stunning sex parties, and gratifying group sex.

"I just love balls-out sex parties," says one orgy-goer, "the more decadent the better. One-on-one sex is great, of course. But there's just something so very hot about being in a whole roomful of naked guys."

Many larger towns and cities have for-pay sex clubs or admission-charging, invitation-only private parties. But if you're a sexhound with decent social skills, a bit of ambition, and an apartment at least large enough to swing a cat in, you too can play a kinder, gentler Nero and throw a sex party that will leave your guests sticky and smiling. And if you're less a party-giver sort than a guest type, you can be there when those naughty not-so-ancient slave boys start their dance. And yippee, you can even join right in.

Sex parties range from pay-at-the-door commercial affairs to impromptu get-togethers after a night of sweaty dancing, from elaborate leather dungeon fantasies to a friendly Friday-night get-together arranged via an online ad. What they all have in common is an abundance of available, horny flesh.

There are those, of course, who believe that sex is only meant to cement the bond between people in love. Sex parties, though, are all about recreational sex. Which is not to say that you and your honey can't attend for the sheer joy of playing with each other in front of witnesses. Neither is it impossible to meet the man of your dreams in the middle of a steamy clusterfuck. (That's especially true for specialty orgies – foot fetish flings, spanking soirees, and the like – where you're more likely to rub up against guys into whatever kink gets you hard, too.)

But for most guys, sex parties are about the opportunity to meet new men, play in all sorts of enchanting combinations, and go home with satiated smiles on their faces.

"Going to a sex party and playing in a group – or with a series of guys – is just so different from what I was used to," enthuses a guy who's started playing at parties. "It's even different from going to a three-way at somebody's house. It's a real party."

Successful orgy-going uses the usual social skills – openness, sociability, a sense of adventure, good manners – but an ability to suck cock helps, too. And throwing an orgy is a lot like putting on a nonsexual party, only the host sets out condoms as well as chips and dips. (Perhaps needless to say, group sex is a particularly efficient way of passing around STDs, so your usual safe sex rules apply, only more so.)

Flesh - sometimes it's great just to relax and spread it around. So when in Rome, screw as the Romans do: take off that toga and raise a column or two.

Simon Sheppard is the author of Kinkorama: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Perversion

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