A Couple of Guys: "The Eyes Have It"
October 29, 2007

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"Watch Out!"
"Homecoming Queen"
"An Old Flame"
“Waiting to Inhale"
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"A Prickly Subject"
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"Let's Stalk"
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"Joey's Evil Twin"
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"Crunch Time"
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"Homo's Phobia"
"Throw the Book at Him"
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"Inside Information"
"The Big Exposé"
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"Gay Agenda"
"Cast Away"
"All 'er Nothin'"
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"Outta Sight!"
"Standing Ovation"
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"Out in the Open"
"A Shot in the Park"
"Cast Out"
"The Apple of His Own Eye"
"Future Tense"
"Strangers in the Night"
"Back on His Feet"
"First Impressions"
"Driving Force"
"Dad Wrong"
"Reality Show"
"Man of Action"
"Top of the List"
"Hungry Man"
"Pillow Talk"

"Smooth Talker"
"Two Old"
"Getting to the Bottom of It"
"Casting Call"
"Private Parts"
"Some Like It Hot"
"Bored Members"
"Cartoon Networking"
"Andy Gets Dressed Down"
"The Half-Naked Truth"
"Liberal Media"
"Room for Growth"
"Gray Matter"
"As Time Goes By"
"Pink Lady"
"Dye Another Colour"
"Eric Knuckles Under"
"Cold Front"
"The Weather, Girls"
"Improving-His-Odds Couple"
"Menage a Trauma"
"What a Woman!"
"Homeland Insecurity"
"Father Knows Least"
"Planned Parenthood"
"Rude Awakening"

"The North Pole"
"A Loss for Words"
"Movie Buffs"
"Hue Have No Idea"
"Something's Cooking"
"The Truth Comes Out"
"Learning Curve"
"He Packed Up Right, and Left"
"My Dinner with Andy"
"The Full Andy"
"Relatively Speaking"
"The Autumn of Her Discontent"
"Old School"
"The Latest Buzz"
"Cut to the Chase"
"High and Mighty"
"Knead to No"
"Language Barrier"
"Watching His Wait"
"On the Right Path"
"What Goes Around..."
"Foe Sure"
"The Apple of His Eye"
"I'm Ready for Him to Close Up"
"Couching the Subject"

"...Men Are From Uranus"
"His Master's Voice"
"Digitalis Interruptus"
"New Kids on the Block"
"Sock It To Me"
"Child's Play"
"Dynamic Duel"
"Marty Makes an Ass of Himself"
"Restless Room"
"Trained Eyes"
"He Hasn't Got a Prayer"
"Right Where We Want Him"
"Wonderful Woman"
"Cruise Control"
"Bi-ding His Time"
"What Gaul!"
"Prompt Queen"
"Getting to Know Hue"
"Truce or Dare"
"Matter Over Mind"
"Waisted Words"
"The Fresh Man"
"Giving Him the Business"
"Annual Retort"
"The Gloves Are Off!"

"Food Fright"
"Bowled Over"
"Iguana Be Loved by You"
"Rude to Recovery"
"Dinner, Tabled"
"Groom and Doom"
"Chill Out!"
"Adam and Eavesdropper"
"Haunting Memories"
"The Dating Blame"
"It's a Dog-Neat-Dog World"
"Electoral College"
"Piece Talks"
"East Meets Jest"
"Keeping Up With His Jonesin'"
"Somehow We'll Menage"
"The Best-Planned Lays"
"Look What's In Store"
"Cape of Good Hopes"
"The Times That Bind"
"Mass. Hysteria"
"In an Altared State"
"The Marrying Unkind"
"Questionable Behavior"
"Telling Stories"
"Raining On His Parade"
"Lunch Special"
"Drama Queen"
"Everybody's a Critic"
"In The Beginning"
"Precious Pain"
"Lace Knot, Want Not"
"Clothes Make the Woman"
"You've Got Male"
"Silence Is Golden"
"Two Boys Or Not Two Boys"
"Dating Games"
"Bedtime Story"
"Doubly Blessed"
"Ted Gets Around"
"Audience Participation"
"Home on the Range"
"Aboard The Queen Mary"
"Flying South"
"Abdominals? No, Man"
"Eric Down Under"
"50-50 Grind"

"Dressing for Dinner"
"Christmas Him"
"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"
"All Cooped Up"
"More Than He Bargained For"
"One Tough Cookie"
"Recipe For Success"
"Dough Not Disturb"
"Spellbound and Gagged"
"Trimming The Workforce"

"If He Could Turn Back Time"
"Babes In The Wood"
"Honeymooners Suite"
"Gym Dandy"
"Not Ready For Prime Time"
"Lease Worries"
"Housing Development"
"Dog Jeers"
"Animal Instincts"
"Strip Tease"


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