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Lesbian Notions

The wives of presidential contenders should be running in stead
The not-so-civil marriage debate
Recalling Reagan
Marriage uncoupled
"Lesbians face higher heart disease risk"
Don't call me Mrs. Martinac
Why a gay high school is a bad idea
Why I don't care about Gephardt's lesbian daughter
Should Americans marry in Canada?
Is US Supreme Court admiting legal bias?

German lawmakers approve memorial for gay victims of Nazis
Royal aide questions sexuality of Prince Charles, report
Bright lights, big bity - 'gay Paree' lives on
Blair comfortable with gay clergy but says church must decide
UK lawmakers vote in favour of downgrading marijauna drug status
A million enjoy all-night arts party in Paris
Rome's all-night party goes black
UK bishop compares opposition to gay priests to slavery
Bishop, gay group criticise choice of new Australian cardinal
Portuguese child sex suspect to go on trial
Partner of elderly gay man gets state-paid travel pass
German fugitive accused accused of Cape kidnapping denied bail
Euro Parliament supports gay marriage
Euro Parliament supports gay marriage, points finger at Italy
Hamburg rallies round mayor after interior minister "outs" him
Navratilova still feels young
New HIV strain found in Ireland
Hazing in Russian army increases by 30% this year
British leader comfortable with gay clergy; says church must decide
Anglican head names conservatives, liberals to gay commission
Anglican-Episcopal gay dispute may affect other churches
Anglicans special meeting over gays
Former Anglican head calls on gay bishop-elect to step down
US Episcopals divided over homosexuality
Top Anglican says "no" to consecration of gay bishop
Statement from 37 Anglican leaders on gay crisis
Pope meets Anglican archbishop over gays
German gay canibal case outcome soon
Germany bids for Gay Games
World wide turmoil


Massachusetts Supreme Court rules in favour of gay marriage
Police search Michael Jackson's ranch after abuse allegations Schwarzenegger vows to bring gold back to California
FBI star enraged over claims that Hoover was gay
Gay candidates make progress in the conservative American south
TV series Friends powerful sex-education tool says study
Laura Innes gets gay Artistry Award for work on medical drama ER
Texas towns warn sex offenders to lay low for Halloween
Sixty percent of US adoption agencies accepting gays' applications
US Supreme Court justice cheers anti-gay group
Wesley Clark garners gay support in the US
Chicago offers free meningitis inoculations to gay men
In a dig at Marriage Protection Week gay partners offer romantic advice to hetero couples
US gay partners offer romantic advice to hetero couples, in a dig
Streisand receives queer activist award
US Republicans make gay marriage an issue in 2004 campaign
Schwarzenegger leads California race with 51% of votes
Three boys charged with sodomy in US high school 'hazing'
Alleged abuse victims settle with Chicago archdiocese for $12 mil
US pedo priest killer to undergo psychiatric evaluation
US gay man a human guinea pig for experimental Aids vaccines
Baseball attackers jailed for 7 to 21 years after gay bashing
US pedophile 'exterminator' 'not guilty'
Bill Gates on Aids: We haven't done enough
Inmate indicted for prison murder of pedophile priest
Two men sentenced to prison for anti-gay attacks in Los Angeles
Tab Hunter acknowledges he's gay in upcoming memoirs
Around the world, lives changed by 9/11
World Trade Centre reconstruction has many faces
US right wing hijack liberal issues
Bush calms right wing down over sodomy law
USA: Wal-Mart's gay policy
Oral sex on stage furor in Canada
Fired gay choir director splits Catholic congregation
Texas anti-gay law scrapped
US high court hears sodomy law
US gay Episcopal bishop to be consecrated
Three in court after alleged attack on US tourist
US gay Episcopal bishop to be consecrated
Massachusetts bishops don't support same-sex benefits
Lesbian US Methodist minister likely to face church trial
Episcopal priest resigns amid furor over article supporting gay priest
US Episcopals divided over homosexuality
Anglican leaders call for commission on homosexuality
Anglicans under pressure to repudiate gay-friendly moves in the US
US Catholics endorse Constitutional ammendment on gay marriage
Canada's Catholics call for campaign agaist same-sex marriage Russian Orthodox church bars priest for gay wedding
Priest killer planned slaying for a month
American Lutherans to bless same-sex marriages


Taiwanese gays march for equality
Taiwan gay groups hold landmark rally for rights
Taiwan moves to abolish death penalty, legalise gay unions
Taiwan to hold its first gay pride parade
Bangladesh's gay prostitutes take a step out of the closet
S Korean gay actor to reappear on TV after 3-year banishment
Taiwanese leader plans to legalise gay marriage
Couple arrested in China for running gay prostitution bar
Singapore emerging as Asia's new gay entertainment capital
Singapore judges given practical tips to deal with diversity
Chen eyes abolishing death penalty, legalising gay marriage
Two Australian men get life for grisly killings of gay men Around the world, lives changed by 9/11
Webmaster complains over erotic Thai police site censorship: report
Seial killers await their fate in grisly Australian gay murder case
Oz clergy angry
Prostitution legal in N-Zealand

global pride parades

Worldwide celebrations
Berlin draws 600,000
Calcutta's rare march
New York celebrates
Toronto celebrates pride, ruling



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