Sponsor found for SA's bid for Mr Gay World

23 February, 2011

Francois Nel - Mr Gay SA 2010 (middle), André Lammers (first prince right) and Karl-Heinz Michel (second prince, left)
PRETORIA — Mr. Gay South Africa (Pty) Ltd. is proud and grateful to announce that Wilco van Eeden and Club Travel Honeydew – previously nominated by TOPCO as one of South Africa's top performing companies – has again, as they have done in the past, offered to sponsor a gay event in South Africa when it was needed the most: the company will sponsor the travel and accommodation costs of the South African bid committee for Mr. Gay World 2012 as well as the current title holder, Francois Nel.

Francois, Mr. Gay South Africa™ 2010, will be representing South Africa in Manila, Philippines, from the 9th until the 13th March 2011 at Mr. Gay World 2011. The Grand Finale will happen at Club Mwah in Manila on Sunday evening, 13 March 2011 where the host of next year's competition will be announced.

The organisers of Mr. Gay South Africa™ will do a presentation and an introduction video to Mr. Gay World in support of South Africa as host of Mr. Gay World 2012 starring Cathy Specific, the hostess of Mr. Gay South Africa™ Grand Finale 2009 and 2010, Charl van den Berg, the current Mr. Gay World, Francois and some of the sponsors and organisers. Although most events in 2012 will be centred in and around Gauteng Province should South Africa receive the nod, an after-event excursion to the Cape is also in the works.

The chances of South Africa being chosen is regarded as very good, as an African country has not had a chance to stage Mr. Gay World yet and South Africa has proven that it has the ability to present competitions of international standard.

Other businesses and companies such as Babylon Nightclub in Pretoria, Kat-Man-Doo Gay Male Retreat in Dullstroom, Nomdeni Lodges in Nelspruit, Maria Garcia International™ Skincare, Foreplay Energy Drink and Bodyworks in Pretoria have also contributed greatly to the cause and the funds will be allocated to insurance, transport, expenses and to stage a first-class presentation in Manila, as well as an event in 2012 which South Africa's LGBTI community would be proud of.

Coenie Kukkuk, Director of Operations of Mr. Gay South Africa™ said that without the support of Club Travel Honeydew and the sponsors mentioned above as well as contributors from the community such as Alan Retief from Caar'i Flora, Nicholas de Klerk and other buyers of the products sponsored, the bid would not have been possible. Kukkuk said: "We are very thankful to Club Travel Honeydew and the donors who have come to the table once again and supported this bid, which will have a huge impact on drawing the attention of the world to the plight of LGBTI people of Africa and give our bothers and sisters on the continent hope that they may one day achieve what we have achieved in South Africa. Never give up hope. That is our message."

Francois commented: "We are very grateful to Club Travel Honeydew for this opportunity. I wish to add that one of our activities in Manila will be an Outreach Programme at Gawad Kalinga. One of their essential needs is school supplies. They have asked Mr. Gay World Ltd. if we can assist by giving them used English children's books as gifts for children aged 5-9 years old. If you have any of these to donate, please contact me, Francois Nel, on francois.stylist@gmail.com . I will be much obliged!'"

In the mean time, voting for Mr. Gay World 2011 People's Choice Award has opened and readers are encouraged to vote for their candidate of choice here. One vote every 24 hours is allowed. For all your travel requirements, contact Wilco. – Issued by Mr Gay SA

Message from Francois Nel, Mr Gay SA 2010



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