Gay Games 2010 - Move It!

Visual Arts at Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010

8 March, 2010

COLOGNE — As part of the Cologne Gay Games, artists are invited to discuss and present works based on the topic “movement,” mobility within their inspiration, in their world view and in their attitudes. Josef Beuys, the famous German contemporary artist, in his discussion of “social plastics”, established the concept of movement, along with the idea itself and the will to complete it, as central to the understanding of Art.

In sport it is always about movement, as is also the case in normal life. Movement stands for life, stagnation stands for death. It is also about "mental" mobility, or an openness towards life that allows you to first imagine that there is something like homosexuality, and to accept this.

On the occasion of the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010, artists are invited to examine the topic of "Movement" and to show how "mobile" they are. That is to say, in their "thinking", in their conception of life and the world, and in their opinions. Joseph Beuys has already placed his concept of the movement (next to that of the idea and the will), at the center of his understanding of art with his thoughts about "social plastics".

The exhibition Move it! is not focused on the topic of sports and we are not searching for images of well-trained bodies or illustrations about sports events.

Movement is associated with people on different levels, even outside of physical activities:
GENERAL: condition beyond the quiet
PHYSICAL: (not constant) place-time curve of the object
PSYCHIC: emotional state of imbalance
POLITICAL: large group of people that strive for political change, not rigidly organized (as in a party)

We invite all interested artists to submit works / concepts that range from "the condition beyond the quiet" to questions regarding changes in society. We are looking for a versatile work in painting, sculpture, photography, new media, installation, or performance.

Move it! - Show your own movement
Move it! - Move others
Move it! - Set in motion new things
Move it! - Move the world

For artists:
There will be a curated exhibition with prior public exhibition. Topic of the exhibition: Move it!
You are invited to apply.
Deadline: 31.03.2010.

For galleries:
Parallel to the exhibition, galleries in Cologne, Exhibition locations and artists will be presenting their individual programs on the topic "Move It".
For more information go to our website, the Culture webpage, or email us at: art@games-cologne.de – Issued by Gay Games

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