Moms with Babas

March 09, 2009

CAPE TOWN — The Baby-ventures Rainbow Family is launching its first mom�s and mom�s-to-be social networking group based in the Western Cape.

When becoming parents or entering the �parent zone� some couples find the need to meet other families of the same structure difficult. Your usual group of friends has somewhat different priorities to yours or it is hard to find families that resemble your own. Parents sometimes feel the need to just relax or share experiences with other same-sex parents.

The moms and mom�s-to-be joining this informative and fun network has the opportunity get some insight in what lays ahead. It is also an ideal way to build a support network when going through the journey of becoming parents.

The other importance of exposing our children to similar family structures boils down to building onto their sense of belonging and pride.

Mom�s-with-Babba�s wants to fill a void currently within our community and will consist of many interesting get-togethers for both mom�s, children and parents to be.

A Sense of Belonging – Guiding your Child

As a parent, you should see to the following:

1. Create an environment where children feel safe and that they belong within a community. It is important that a child feels special, important, wanted and secure in where they come from. It does not matter what your material belongings consist of � a child doesn't need material items, but other more important things.

Why is it so important that we create these settings for our children?

Adults and parents will lay the foundation for a child. It is extremely important for a child�s development that they feel a sense of belonging in their community.

  • It shows them how to interact in his/her community.
  • It builds their self-esteem
  • They learn to socialize and interact in their community
  • Create a sense of �I belong�
  • Create a sense of �I am wanted�
  • Create a sense of �I am special and unique�

    Please contact Lisa for further information. – Issued by Baby-Ventures

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