BBC accused of homophobia

Double standards on racism and homophobia

March 05, 2009

LONDON — "Simon Edge's article in the March issue of GT magazine exposes the BBC's toleration of anti-gay slurs and jokes, and its failure to report gay news stories of significance, such as the bashing to death in Liverpool of an 18 year old gay man, Michael Causer," said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.

"At the BBC there is zero tolerance of racism but not of homophobia. Why the double standards?

"The BBC has few known gay or lesbian people in senior management or trustee positions and it refuses to recognise that this represents a shortcoming in its diversity policy.

"The unhelpful, dismissive responses of the BBC to inquiries about these issues highlight the implicit, de facto homophobia that exists at Broadcasting House," he said.

Read Simon Edge's article hereIssued by OUTRAGE!

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