Gay Games 2010

January 28, 2009

The Olympics last year reminded us that in less than two years, we will gather in Cologne, Germany for the 2010 Gay Games and Cultural Festival. As you can imagine, planning for GGVIII is already well underway for what will be another incredible experience. (For more information, see www.games-cologne.com).

Since 1982, the Gay Games has been not just a quadrennial sports and cultural event, but also a leading factor in the growing acceptance of LGBT people throughout the world. The Gay Games has helped to foster the creation of numerous sport and cultural organizations around the world. Indeed, for tens of thousands of people, the Gay Games represent something truly unique and deeply personal.

It is in this spirit that we are today asking for your support of the Federation of Gay Games (FGG), which for over 25 years has ensured that the proud legacy of the Gay Games continues and that this life-changing opportunity is available to those who follow. LongWu-iStudio

The Federation of Gay Games, in addition to selecting the Host City, works throughout the four year cycle between Games on various projects to:

Oversee the Sport and Cultural events that comprise each of the Gay Games.
Monitor the sanctioning and governing body of each sport to identify and update changes in the rules of play.
Conduct Outreach to attract new participants and teams.
Raise funds for Scholarships to bring participants from developing countries or from traditionally underrepresented populations to the Games. beckermedia
Provide guidance and support to the Host City to maintain the continuity of the Gay Games and to help ensure that the event remains fun, exciting, and well-organized.
Analyse feedback from participants, the Host City, and supporters like you on how the Gay Games experience can be sustained and improved.

Of course, to carry forward the high standards established over the years requires knowledge of best practices, resources to implement quality programs, and lots of energy. Thanks to the hard work of an all-volunteer Board and General Assembly, the FGG is ensuring that the Gay Games continue to be a source of pride for all.

As the needs of the community evolve, so must the FGG and your support will help to sustain the Gay Games movement. Making a contribution online is fast, easy, and secured. Just go to www.gaygames.com/en/donate/ and follow the instructions. You can also donate by check and mail your contribution to the address listed.

Every single donation is important! For those who can make a significant contribution, we encourage you to become a Major Donor at the $1,000 level to enable you to be included in special events with Gay Games Ambassadors during the 2010 Games.

It has often been said that "the Gay Games Can Change the World." With your help, we can continue this great tradition and ensure that the spirit of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best´┐Ż embodied by the Gay Games remains strong and vibrant for future generations. – Issued by The Federation of Gay Games

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