Prince Harry not homophobic

Third in line to the throne kisses soldier mate

January 14, 2009

Prince Harry
LONDON — Commenting on the race row over Prince Harry's "Paki" comments during his army video diary, and the lack of a similar furore over his use of the word "queer", gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of OutRage! said:

"I cannot see anything offensive about the context and manner in which Harry used the word queer.

"It wasn't said with hate, aggression or malice.

"Later in his video diary the prince mouths to another soldier 'I love you' before kissing him on the cheek and licking his face. Kissing another bloke in front of his mates and putting it on film doesn't seem very homophobic to me. On the contrary, Harry comes across as quite gay-friendly.

"We should kick up a fuss about real homophobia, not imagined prejudice.

"The prince is third in line to the British throne. For him to happily give his soldier friend a public kiss and lick his face strikes me as rather liberated and enlightened, for a straight man. If only more heterosexual men were relaxed about same-sex affection like Harry, the world would be a better place.

For details of Harrys' queer escapades, see this News of the World report.

"The context and intention of words is crucial in deciding whether they are offensive or not. I don't find anything objectionable about the context in which Harry used the word queer.

"What is shameful is the double standards on racism and homophobia. Most media and critics have condemned Harry's use of the word "Paki" but not his use of the word "queer." This is pure hypocrisy. Either both words are wrong or neither are wrong.

"I am against royalism and the monarchy. I want a democratic republic, with an elected head of state, but that's another issue," said Mr Tatchell. – Issued by OUTRAGE!



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