Norway approves same-sex marriage

Ephram B | June 17, 2008

After a long discussion in the Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, changes to the marriage law was approved last week. The new law is gender neutral and Norwat becomes the 6th country in the world that accept same-sex marriage.

The new bill won broad approval and was welcomed with applause and cheers from the public gallery in the Stortinget.

84 members of the Norwegian parliament; Stortinget, voted Yes and 41 voted No for the change of the Norwegian marriage law.

The new law would also allow, but not oblige, the Church of Norway and registered religious communities to bless same-sex marriages.

Peaceful protests for and against the new bill where staged outside the Stortinget.

Christian Democrat (KRF) and populist Progress Party (FRP) voted against the bill. During the debate they expressed their opinion especially about medically assisted reproduction. One of the member of the Progress Party said: there are more violence ina lesbian relationship than straight one.

Same-sex couples who have registered their partnership may convert the partnership into marriage if they want. After the new law comesinto effect the old same-sex partnership law will fall away.

The new marriage bill will also widens the scope for adoption for same-sex couples.

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