Australian Gladiator Sam Brodie's gay porn past

Ann Turner | April 03, 2008

SYDNEY — Australian Gladiator contestant Sam Brodie may have lost his battle to win fame on the show, but his gay porn past has gained him a whole new level of notoriety. DNA Magazine revealed this week that nude photos of Brodie were featured on the 'gay-for-pay' porn site SeducedStraightGuys.com. Last month, the American version of the show was rocked with scandal after it came to light that gladiator Alex Castro had posed for gay porn sites.

Sam Brodie, from Queensland, was one of the first contestants to appear on the recently re-launched Australian version of Gladiators, a remake of the 90's television series. The 23-year-old sheet metal worker and Junior Olympic swimmer failed to win on the show and will not return. His performance on the show was so dismal that one of the gladiators, Hunter, called him a "waste of his time".

Though his performance on Gladiator was less than stellar, Brodie's brief 15 minutes of fame were stretched out a bit longer when it was discovered he had previously posed nude for a gay porn site.

Photos of Brodie in various stages of undress were published this week in DNA Magazine. In the pictures, Brodie is featured in a variety of provocative poses. The photos reportedly originated from the gay-for-pay porn site SeducedStraightGuys.com, which posted the photos under the pseudonym "Ben".

A blurb about "Ben" stated he was a "ladies man" and has aspirations to sleep with a girl from every country in the world, according to NineMSN.com. Brodie may have also appeared in at least one porn video, rumored to be a masturbation film. The bio on SeducedStraightGuys.com states the reason why "Ben" posed for the photos and alleged film was because "it's one of his fantasies of course".

Last month it was revealed one of the gladiators on the American version of the show had previously worked as a gay porn model. Alex 'Militia' Castro posed for a number of nude photos for COLT under the alias of "Elian Castro" and is rumored to have been featured in several "solo" porn films. Another of the gladiators, Justice, once worked as a stripper at a male strip club under the stage number "Thunder". – Issued by Gay Link Content

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