Bloggers weigh in on transgendered pregnant man

Ross von Metzke and Ann Turner | March 31, 2008

PORTLAND — Thomas Beatie, a transgendered man from Portland, Oregon who revealed he is pregnant in the latest issue of The Advocate, is five months along according to various reports.

Now the story, which spread like wildfire on the Web last week following its appearance in the latest issue of the LGBT news magazine, is prompting mass discussion among bloggers.

Beatie, who transitioned from female to male, decided not to remove his reproductive organs and stopped taking testosterone injections. Upon learning his wife, Nancy, couldn't carry a child, he tried. Now, Beatie and his wife are expecting a baby girl in July.

Beatie claims he's faced discrimination from doctors and hospitals, and now blogs are weighing in on the topic.

GaySocialites.com writes: "I was even more shocked at how upset people were to find out that Beatie was born a woman. In a strange-sort-of-way, everyone seemed to want Beatie to defy the laws of anatomy by getting pregnant as a man."

DListed.com got a bit more personal: "This is pretty awesome and I wish them well! They want a family and they are doing whatever it takes to get one. You can't blame them for that. Whatever works! He also makes a pretty hot pregnant dude."

Over on a more traditional pregnancy site, Mom Logic compares the story to a soap opera, saying: "Considering the stereotypical man has a hard time dealing with the common cold, we wonder how this dude's handling the joys of pregnancy."

In the most recent issue of The Advocate, Beatie details his decision to transition from female to male eight years ago, including undergoing chest reconstruction surgery and going on testosterone therapy.

During the transition, however, he decided not to have his female reproductive organs removed. After transitioning, Beatie was able to be registered legally as a male and legally marry his wife, Nancy.

In his column for The Advocate, Beatie wrote that it feels "incredible" to be a "pregnant man". He says that although he is engaging in a traditionally female biological process, he is "stable and confident being the man that I am" and in one sense sees himself "as my own surrogate". – Issued by Gay Link Content

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