SA transsexual woman will sue caravan park

March 31, 2008

A transsexual woman was recently refused access to the female ablution facilities at a caravan park in Newcastle Kwa Zulu Natal.

SABC news reported that Ms Michelle van der Merwe says she was discriminated against. It was reported that Ms Van Der Merwe plans to take her case to the Constitutional Court.

Ms Van der Merwe was not available for comment at time of this media release but a litigator, Ashika Singh, who deals with gender and human rights issues, says there is merit in Van der Merwe's case.

"Transwomen often face this kind of prejudice in public facilities. Cities like New York have recently actively addressed these issues in their courts. In New York City, Transwomen have won the right to use female facilities without fear of harassment or aggression from police. South Africa's constitution and laws protect trans people too but the public and those meant to uphold the law are most often not informed about this fact." says Liesl Theron Executive Director of Gender DynamiX

Gender DynamiX, presently Africa's only Transgender/ Transsexual Non Profit Organisaton, supports Ms van der Merwe's case and will endeavour to help her and her legal team to bring dignity to women like her.

Gender DynamiX would also like to appeal to the media to inform themselves about Transgender/Transsexual issues and to cover the matter with sensitivity and awareness. Gender DynamiX welcomes enquiries from the public the media and lawmakers.

For more information visit www.genderdynamix.org.za. – Issued by Gender DynamiX

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