Cape Town selected to host 2008 FGG's AGM

Federation renews ties to African LGBT sport and culture community; October annual meeting will be the Federation�s first in the southern hemisphere since Johannesburg in October 2001

March 18, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO — The international Federation of Gay Games (FGG) announced that Cape Town, South Africa has been selected to host the Federation�s 2008 annual meeting over excellent bids from two U.S. cities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Palm Springs, California. Traditionally held in the fourth quarter, this year�s meeting dates are 21-25 October.

This past October, the Federation celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Gay Games by holding its annual meeting in the Gay Games� birthplace of San Francisco. In selecting Cape Town to host in 2008, the Federation continues its long tradition of gathering in locations around the world to ensure strong ties within the global Gay Games sport and cultural communities.

Cape Town will mark the Federation�s fourth annual meeting in the southern hemisphere. The Federation met in Sydney in 1996 and 2000 and in Johannesburg in 2001 and in other years has met in cities as varied as Lyon, Atlanta, Amsterdam and Vancouver.

The Johannesburg meeting drew participants from several African countries such as Nigeria and Namibia and launched a landmark scholarship program to bring African athletes to the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. In Cape Town the Federation looks forward to renewing its existing ties and making new African contacts in advance of the 2010 Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany.

Ian McMahon, Chairperson of Cape Town Pride and Federation assembly delegate from TOGS (The Organisation of Gay Sports), said he wanted to draw worldwide attention to gay sport in South Africa and that he sees the conference as a rally point to bring together the communities of Cape Town. Federation board member and Officer of International Development Shane Blakebrough of Johannesburg said, �I think the meeting will help to reintroduce the LGBTI community in South Africa to the need to participate and support our own sporting clubs�.

The annual meeting brings the Federation�s board of directors together with representatives of the 36-member assembly of international sport and cultural organisations for general business sessions and workshops regarding various Gay Games logistics issues. Community outreach activities are planned with local organisations after the meeting.

Assembly delegates and board members will be travelling to South Africa from the United States, Europe, Australia, and, for the first time, South America. Movmiento Deportivo De Integracion GLTB en Chile (MOVDEINCHILE) of Santiago is the Federation�s first assembly member from South America and serves as an umbrella organisation for Chilean LGBT sports groups.

�We�re pleased to return to South Africa for our annual meeting�, said Federation co-president Emy Ritt of Paris. �The social and economic challenges in Africa for LGBT sport and cultural organisations are unique and there is no better way to learn from each other than by meeting our Gay Games friends in their own part of the world�.

The next Gay Games is in Cologne, Germany in August 2010. For information about how to sponsor or participate in Gay Games VIII in Cologne in 2010, visit www.games-cologne.com or phone +49 221 925 2607. For information concerning sponsors of the Federation of Gay Games, go to www.gaygames.org. – Issued by FGG

About The Federation of Gay Games:
The Federation of Gay Games is the international governing body that perpetuates the quadrennial Gay Games and promotes the event's founding principles of �Participation, Inclusion and Personal Best��. The Gay Games were conceived by Dr. Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, and were first held in San Francisco in 1982 with 1,350 participants. Subsequent Gay Games were held in San Francisco (1986 - 3,500 participants), Vancouver (1990 - 7,300 participants), New York (1994 - 12,500 participants), Amsterdam (1998 - 13,000 participants), Sydney (2002 - 11,000 participants), and Chicago (2006 - 11,700 participants). Gay Games VIII will be held in Cologne, Germany on 31 July-7 August 2010.



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