Anne Will, Germany's top political and sports analyst comes out

Dylan Vox | November 23, 2007

Anne Will
COLOGNE — Imagine what would happen if Katie Couric came out of the closet. This week, Germany got a taste of a surprise like that when top political news and sports analyst Anne Will announced her five-year relationship with University of St. Gallen Professor Miriam Meckel.

Born in Cologne Germany, Will began working as a reporter at Kölnische Rundschau (Cologne Review) while still attending college.

She became a well-respected journalist during the 1990’s and began writing for a variety of news magazines before landing a job hosting the popular German sports show Sportschau.

During the 2000 Summer Olympics, she presented athlete segments and sports commentary and was eventually brought on to anchor Germany’s top evening news show Tagesthemen.

Early last month, Will began her own political talk show, Anne Will, which helped catapult her career as a successful political liaison.

While at an event at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, AfterEllen.com reports that the 41 year old confirmed rumors about her sexuality while posing for a picture underneath the museums placard which reads “Tolerance and Understanding” with her longtime partner Meckel.

"Yes we are a couple," Will explained to reporters, "but we would like to keep our private life private." This was the first time Will had made a public statement about her relationship, although the couple has never tried to hide it even attending the 2002 Federal Press Ball together.

Will’s employers released a statement of support and acknowledged her dedication and perseverance as a talented journalist.

Will has been an advocate for establishing better European-African relations and has been a vocal voice for the abolishment of landmines. Will has used her notoriety to help campaign for UNICEF and other charities, which benefit children all over the world. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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