UK man arrested for gay sex in Ghana

Fears of Ghana’s secret gay community confirmed?

Duane Wells | November 12, 2007

According to a GayNZ.com report, the British Foreign Office has confirmed that John Ross Macleod, a British citizen, was arrested at an airport in Ghana last week during a routine drug search after police found a CD filled with images of the 63-year-old photographer engaged in sexual intercourse with a 19-year-old Ghanaian boy.

Though gay sex is illegal in the west African country, prosecution is not common. In fact, despite the widely held, deeply religious sentiments common in Ghana, where homosexuality is seen as a foreign lifestyle choice and a moral aberration, there exist underground gay bars and organizations that do work with the gay community in Accra.

Still, Macleod, who appeared at an Accra Circuit Court last week was charged with “unnatural carnal knowledge” and possession of obscene pictures, which may confirm fears that more intense persecution of Ghanaian gays may be on the way as their secret world comes under attack.

Macleod apparently met his teenage partner, Emmanuel Adda, on the internet, says the same GayNZ.com report. The two allegedly traveled around together during Mr. Macleod’s stay and took pictures of themselves engaged in ‘sodomy’ according to police.

Mr. Macleod pleaded guilty to "unnatural carnal knowledge,” but has denied the charge of possessing obscene images. He has reportedly been given the option of a six-month jail term or a fine of approximately $660, according to a British Foreign Office spokesman. Still Macleod remains in custody because he was unable to pay the $5,000 bail for the charges.

Court officials said it was the first sodomy case in Accra's courts this year. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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