Gay baby creates controversy in Italy

Dylan Vox | October 26, 2007

ROME — Recently, Europe has been causing quite a stir with its controversial advertising campaigns. Last month Nolita created a grotesque fashion ad featuring an anorexic actress to help combat eating disorders. This week, an ad featuring a new born baby with a "homosexual" bracelet was designed to help counter discrimination against gays.

The posters have appeared all over the Tuscany region of Italy and were published in the national newspapers as a part of a tolerance campaign created by the Tuscany government.

The ad was created in part by civil rights councillor Agostino Fragai, who has said that homosexuality, is a biological trait and, therefore, should not be condemned or persecuted.

The poster depicts a newborn infant with a wrist band nametag that says "homosexual" on it. The slogan translated into English reads, "Sexual orientation is not a choice."

The in-your-face campaign has expectedly caused quite a rift between gay rights advocates and conservative politicians, but even some gay groups are saying that the message is overstated.

Gianni Vattimo, gay rights activist and European Parliament member told the Sydney Morning Herald that he found the ad to be "excessive."

"It is too biology-centric. Of course for a homosexual it is natural to be gay, but I'm not too sure it is determined by genetics," Vattimo explained in his interview.

The gay rights group Arcigay applauded the government�s efforts to help combat discrimination and believe that the ad will send a strong message of tolerance throughout the community.

Ironically, Italy was the only European government to outright ban last months "No Anorexia" posters that pictured French actress Isabelle Caro.

No final word has been expressed about the future of the gay baby ad, but the controversy has instigated talks about how to end discrimination against homosexuals. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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