Idaho Senator to withdraw guilty plea in gay sex sting

Chrys Hudson | September 11, 2007

MINNEAPOLIS — According to Associated Press reports, embattled Idaho Senator has filed papers seeking to withdraw the guilty plea he entered in August as part of an airport sex sting.

Craig, who pleaded guilty last month to disorderly conduct following a June arrest in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport, will argue he entered the plea under stress caused by media inquiries into his sexuality.

The papers filed today in Hennepin County District Court indicate the Republican senator was in a "state of intense anxiety" following his arrest and "felt compelled to grasp the lifeline offered to him by the police officer," namely, a guilty plea Craig hoped would keep the matter from being made public, according to the Associated Press.

In a recent interview on NBC's Today show, Craig's lawyer, William Martin, blamed the senator�s stressful reaction on the Idaho Statesman newspaper, which spent months investigating whether Craig engaged in homosexual encounters.

Craig was so concerned by the investigation that he quickly pleaded guilty when arrested in the bathroom sex sting, Martin said during the Today interview. He figured, "I'm innocent, but if this will make it go away I'll do it," the lawyer added. – Issued by Gay Link Content



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