Plans for World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen underway

Preliminary sports program announced

Duane Wells | August 06, 2007

COPENHAGEN — A preliminary sports program for the World Outgames 2009 was announced at recent meeting with organizers in the host city Copenhagen.

At present plans are underway for competitions to be held in more than 30 disciplines ranging from aerobics to volley ball, with more disciplines under consideration depending upon the amount of interest shown in and sports facilities available for additional contests. Registration for both individual and team sporting events is set to begin in 2008.

The World Outgames 2009 committee also recently conducted a lifestyle and interest survey of nearly 400 participants and visitors at Eurogames 2007 to help gain a better understanding of GLBT culture and sports in hopes of better promoting the 2009 event.

"Through a close collaboration with local, national and international sports associations, we will provide the facilities and logistical support to make the World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen an open, competitive, fair and positive experience for all of the participating athletes, officials, volunteers, fans and sponsors," said Tommy Kristoffersen, sports director for World Outgames 2009.

Meanwhile Eurogames 2008 will take place in Barcelona next summer. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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