Sale of ‘magic mushrooms’ called into question by the Netherlands

July 30, 2007

Amsterdam Smartshop
AMSTERDAM — It seems that the sale of so called psychedelic ‘magic mushrooms’ are becoming too much of nuisance for even the free-wheeling Dutch.

According to an AFP report, since the beginning of this year, 35 people have called Amsterdam emergency services after eating magic mushrooms and ninety percent of the cases have involved tourists, according to Dutch health authorities. Even more alarming for the Dutch was the case of 17-year-old French girl, who back in March died after throwing herself from an Amsterdam bridge after consuming magic mushrooms.

In the Netherlands the sale of fresh, natural magic mushrooms from Dutch woods is banned but dried ones are not.

In response to the recent rash of problems associated with the mushrooms, the Dutch Parliament has espoused a total ban on them, while the country’s Health Minister, Ab Klink, has advocated an age limit on the purchase of mushrooms, an idea supported by the VLOS, which is an association that represents a significant number of ‘smartshops’ from which tourists can procure the psychotropic items.

The VLOS also advocates dispensing information about mixing mushrooms with other drugs and alcohol.

Ironically, despite all the present hoopla, cannabis and alcohol have generated far more calls to Dutch ambulatory services in recent months than magic mushrooms according to reports. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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