London Pride marches on after car bombs discovered nearby

Anthony Cuesta | July 02, 2007

LONDON — London police beefed up its staff Saturday at the city’s annual gay pride parade, a day after the discovery of two car bombs in the city center.

The Associated Press reports that security for the event, which draws tens of thousands of revelers, was reviewed after the discovery Friday of an explosives-packed Mercedes parked just yards from the parade's finishing point at Trafalgar Square.

A second Mercedes packed with gas and nails was later found to have been parked just a few hundred yards from the first, before it was towed away by traffic wardens early Friday for violating parking restrictions. The event and the bombs – which did not detonate – are not thought to be linked.

Chief Executive of Pride London Jason Pollock told the AP that organizers met with police and together decided that the parade would commence as planned, following its assigned route to Trafalgar Square for a rally and concert.

In a public statement issued over the radio, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said people would be "completely safe to walk about the streets of London" and urged Londoners to carry on with their lives.

"I have promised my family all week that we are all going on the gay pride march. We will all be there," Livingstone told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

The area of London where the car bombs were left, known as Haymarket, is one of the busiest in the capital. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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