Ireland reports HIV increase in gay men

Dylan Vox | June 20, 2007

The rate of HIV infections among gay and bisexual men are on the increase in Ireland according to the Gay Men's Health Project at its fifth annual forum in Dublin Castle. Established in 1992 the Project holds its annual event in order for those who provide healthcare for the gay community to familiarize themselves with the latest research. This latest research has health officials concerned about the lack of safe sex practices within the gay community.

The recent statistics showed that there was a 45% increase of cases diagnosed in 2006 as compared to those from the previous year. Three-quarters of those men were over the age of 30.

"Overall, these results highlight the consistent demand for the vital services we offer as well as the need for the continuation of our on-going health and education programmes," said Mick Quinlan the project co-coordinator.

This event, funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE) allows the opportunity for healthcare providers to disseminate information about the best international practices and procedures and allows the opportunity for national and international experts to find solutions to health care problems in the gay community.

Recommendations were set forth about forming specific safer sex workshops and public knowledge campaigns in order to combat the growing problem in the community – Issued by Gay Link Content

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