Triangle Project responds to Selebi

May 15, 2007

CAPE TOWN — Addressing parliament on Friday, Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi told MPs that there may be a need for separate holding cells for gay and lesbian people.

“When police take a person to a male cell, we run into problems because he would then argue that ‘I want to go to the female cell’ and when he gets to the female cell the females would say ‘we’re not having this one here,” he said.

Triangle Project contends that instead of perpetuating discrimination against already marginalised sexual minority groups, the state needs to assume responsibility for the safety of all people held in police stations and interned in our prisons.

“Instead of focusing attention on gay and lesbian people, the Commissioner should be exploring ways in which the SAPS can guarantee all citizen’s safety whilst in a holding cell or in police custody”, said Glenn de Swardt of Triangle Project. “Nobody should be exposed to any form of intimidation, abuse or violence whilst being detained by the State”, he said.

Triangle Project once again affirms our availability to explore issues related to sexual minority groups with the SAPS. “We’re offering sensitivity seminars and workshops on issues of sexuality, which we hope would lessen their problems when dealing with gay and lesbian people,” said Vista Kalipa, Media Coordinator for Triangle Project. – Issued by Triangle Project

  • Triangle Project is the oldest organisation in Africa offering a range of services to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population of the Western Cape.

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