Gay Republicans favour Giuliani for President

Anthony Cuesta | May 08, 2007

Rudy Giuliani
DENVER — Delegates of the nations largest gay Republican organization have cast their eye on former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani as their presidential pick and cite his record on social issues, taxes and defense among his virtues.

But as Giuliani courts more conservative GOP voters in his bid for the White House, the Log Cabin Republicans said at their annual convention Friday that they’re concerned his he could lean too far to the right.

"Mainstream Republican voters and moderate voters are going to vote for you. Don't tilt to the right," said founding Log Cabin Republican Frank Ricchiazzi to the Associated Press.

Giuliani’s pro-choice abortion stance has in the past been a draw for progressive voters. But during Thursday’s presidential debate, the Associated Press reports that he waffled on the issue, saying, "it would be OK" if the Supreme Court upholds the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion. "It would be OK to repeal it. It would be OK also if a strict constructionist viewed it as precedent," he said.

The Log Cabin convention keynote speaker Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming, said that the party should strive to select a candidate who doesn't focus on divisive social issues. He told the group of about 200 that he thinks the party is in a better place than it was after delving into issues like the right-to-life case and gay marriage, reports the AP.

Over 130 Log Cabin members attended the Denver convention, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette to welcome straight GOP allies like Simpson.

“Don’t give up on the Republican Party, yet anyway,” Simpson said to the crowd, reports the Gazette. “Don’t stereotype the party on a few ‘cuckoos’ who never give up on their bitterness, hostility and venom.”

Group members told the Gazette that part of the reason for welcoming gays into the GOP is they’re already highly engaged in party business. A recent survey of Log Cabin Republican members found 29 percent have served on local or state party committees, and 75 percent have contributed volunteer work for a political campaign. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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