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After years of giving his bigotry a ‘pass’, MSNBC Drops Imus

Ross von Metzke | April 16, 2007

Don Imus
LOS ANGELES — Under pressure from human-rights groups including the NAACP and GLAAD, MSNBC has made the decision to drop Don Imus and his "Imus in the Morning" show from their lineup.

In a statement released to TMZ.com late Wednesday evening, a spokesperson for MSNBC had this to say.

“Effective immediately, MSNBC will no longer simulcast the Imus in the Morning radio program. This decision comes as a result of an ongoing review process, which initially included the announcement of a suspension. It also takes into account many conversations with our own employees.

“What matters to us most is that the men and women of NBC Universal have confidence in the values we have set for this company. This is the only decision that makes that possible. Once again, we apologize to the women of the Rutgers basketball team and to our viewers. We deeply regret the pain this incident has caused."

The announcement comes one week after Imus triggered an uproar heard around the nation when he referred to players on the mostly black Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos."

In addition to Black civil rights groups, a number of civil rights groups, including GLAAD, have stepped forward to denounce the comments.

“GLAAD is gratified that Imus is finally being held accountable," GLAAD President Neil Giuliano said in a statement. “We hope that media will take this opportunity to examine the pass that CBS Radio and MSNBC have given Imus’ bigotry over the years, and question whether this most recent incident could have been avoided had they taken responsibility for enforcing a zero-tolerance policy and holding Imus accountable for his previous incidents of vulgar defamation.” – Issued by Gay Link Content

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