Gay porn past catches up to Major marine letdown Matt Sanchez

Ross von Metzke | April 11, 2007

Matt Sanchez
LOS ANGELES — Does this look like your typical Marine?

OK, maybe in some Chi Chi directed fantasy – and as chance would have it, that exactly the sort of work Reserve Cpl. Matt Sanchez was up to when he performed in films including Man to Men and Jawbreaker under the name Rod Majors back in the ’90s… a little known fact he likely thought would stay buried.

But history has taught us that nothing you do in the age of modern technology is a secret – and if you’re going to try to get money out of a company like U-Haul to fund your deployment to war, chances are people are going to start digging into your past.

Of course, Matt Sanchez claims this is all bullshit. Though he’s currently under investigation for soliciting funds from a number of private organizations to foot the bill for a non-existent deployment to Iraq, he claims the allegations are 100-percent false. His past in porn – another story.

As the star of nearly 40 adult films (he says seven, but we know how those pesky studios can make a scene 'stretch'), Sanchez says he was minding his own business as your standard, run-of-the-mill, conservative Columbia student when he dropped by that same Republican conference where Ann Coulter called John Edwards a “faggot” to pick up an award. Sanchez was being honored for efforts in squashing a student driven, anti-war movement at Columbia through a series of articles for various conservative publications.
Peas in a Pod: Tweedle Dumbass and her Thug
What he didn’t realize is that liberals tend to get pissed off when someone mouths off about their cause, and in a student attempt to discredit Sanchez by digging through his none-too-pretty past of swindling money from private funds for personal gain, they stumbled onto another secret.

Sanchez has done the deed with many, many, many men. So many men, they managed to squeeze 40 films out of what he claims was a mere summer of screwing on film.

But he’s not gay – he’s never, ever considered himself a member of the gay community, according to his interview with Radar Magazine. But he did enjoy the sex – after all, “there are societies out there that don't define people by who they have sex with.”

I’m going to stop right there because even dear ole’ Ann "the spin man" Coulter couldn’t help Dirty Sanchez out of that gaping hole.

Look – I’m sure if the gay community pooled its resources, we could come up with a ton of people in entertainment and politics who’ve exhibited some less than kosher behavior in their youth. Whether it’s having sex on film or a pesky coke addiction mom and dad managed to dismiss as a phase, nobody’s perfect.

But what busts my chops is that a man who profited from the adoration of the gay community (and admits so in every interview he’s given on the subject) would make the following statement: “Gay men are like fundamentalist Muslims. If you leave their religion, they have to send out a fatwa and demand your execution”.

Let’s get something perfectly clear, Rod (and I will address you as Rod throughout the remainder of this article because after that crack, you’d better damn well believe you haven’t earned the respect to be called anything but). No one… I repeat no one… in the gay community wants you back on our team. Be straight as an arrow, if that’s what floats your boat, we don't give a crap. Porn’s like reality TV – you’re a hit one minute, but the second your eight-pac starts to deflate, we’ve got another dozen slabs of beef lined up in the corner to take your place.

But don’t you dare for a second think it’s OK to take cash from the gay consumer, reinvent yourself as a conservative agenda-spouting, gay-loathing Coulter supporter and escape unscathed. It ain’t going to happen. That, my friend, is called hypocrisy, and that alone is why the gay community won’t let you go.

Students at Columbia started digging up Rod’s past because he pissed them off with right-wing pro-war babble – they wouldn’t have gotten far if it wasn’t littered with ammo. Digging up financial records of an alleged fraud scheme gone bust was interesting, but the gay porn thing – icing on a delicious and rich cake. That’s not to say porn is shameful – for many a person, it’s not. But when you’re attempting to build a reputation as someone who condemns all things 'unsavory', poking gay ass on tape doesn’t bode too well for career advancement.

Respected journalist? I think not. Future in politics? Probably dashed against the rocks.

All you had to do was toe a straight line, Rod.

But then again, we’ve got the pictures to prove that's so not your style. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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