Archbishop of Wales urges tolerance in Easter message

Anthony Cuesta | April 10, 2007

LONDON — Church discrimination against women and gay people must end, the Archbishop of Wales Rt. Rev. Dr. Barry Morgan said in his Easter message.

icWales reports that the Anglican Church in Wales' leader warned the church has become a place where gay people feel marginalized and women do not have equality with men.

The message comes as a Cardiff tribunal heard the Church of England's Hereford diocese deny discrimination against a gay man turned down for a post.

Morgan said gay people in the church felt "increasingly isolated," reports icWales.

He said: "For Jesus there were no prior conditions for being accepted by God whatever your sex, status or position. But we still live in a church where it is not possible for women to be bishops."

Morgan also called for an end to child labour, sex trafficking and homelessness.

The BBC reports that Morgan's message on tolerance for gay people comes at the same time as a Church of England bishop has denied in a tribunal unlawfully discriminating against a gay man turned down for a post within his diocese.

The Bishop of Hereford, Rt. Rev. Anthony Priddis, has told the ongoing hearing in Cardiff he was complying with church teachings when he decided not to give John Reaney, from Llandudno, a job as youth worker, reports the BBC.

Reaney, 41, claims being openly gay cost him the job. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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