Florida: Largo City manager announces sex change plan

Anthony Cuesta | February 26, 2007

TAMPA, Florida — A small Florida town’s city manager announced Wednesday that he plans to undergo a sex change to become a woman while remaining in his job.

The Miami Herald reports that Largo City Manager Steven Stanton told Largo's 1,200 employees of his decision in an e-mail on Wednesday. He said he had wanted to be a woman since he was a child.

Largo is a city of 76,000 and sits on the west coast of Florida near St. Petersburg and Tampa. It’s known, according to the Herald, for its wealthy retired residents and conservatism.

"This will not be an easy path to travel, but I am excited about the future," said Stanton, who is married and has a son, reports the Herald.

Largo Mayor Pat Gerard told the Associated Press that she supports Stanton.

“He's a dedicated city manager and puts his job first,” she said to the AP. “I don't believe he should have to go away and hide out and have to re-emerge.”

Stanton wrote that he has been undergoing hormonal therapy, electrolysis to remove body hair and psychological testing. He also wrote he would live as a woman for a year, including changing his first name to Susan, as a final step before surgery. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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