World Wildlife Fund helps couples create environmentally-friendly weddings

February 23, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC — Weddings are becoming more environmentally conscious, says the World Wildlife Fund. On Valentine’s Day, the organization announced a new web site for green weddings.

The World Wildlife Fund Weddings and Celebrations Site and Registry lets wedding guests donate money to the WWF on the couples’ behalf; and lets couples make donations instead of buying wedding favors. Couples can also arrange for an environmentally-friendly honeymoon via WWF’s Travel Partners, as well as get hints on having an environmentally-conscious wedding.

"Today's couples are aware of issues affecting the world around them and want to affect change," says Terry Macko, vice president of membership and partner marketing for WWF, in the press release. "Instead of getting a truckload of items they don't really need, many couples are deciding to use the occasion to tastefully raise funds for a cause they care about, like environmental conservation."

Some of the hints the WWF has on their web site are: find a caterer who utilizes food ingredients from local sources; use the same flowers from the ceremony and bridal party for the reception section; consider candles, stones or shells instead of flowers, if possible; create a “vanpool” for guests; buy wedding clothes made from natural materials; use paper that is recycled for invites and thank-yous; and make sure photo proofs are created digitally. “This will minimize the use of toxic chemicals and paper in developing and you can be sure that the only prints made are the ones you want,” says the site.

The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s biggest conversation group, and has been around for 45 years. WWF saves endangered animals and fights deforestation, among other global concerns. The organization is active in 100 countries and on over 2,000 environmental programs.

WWF is supported by almost 5 million people throughout the world and can boast 1.2 million members. To learn more, visit their official web site. – Issued by Gay Link Content



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