Banning of Gay Pride in Chisinau unlawful says Supreme Court

February 16, 2007

Story by UK Gay News

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova ruled Tuesday that the refusal of the Chisinau city hall to authorize the gay and lesbian solidarity march in the city last year was unlawful.

The court heard arguments last December in the case brought by GenderDoc-M, the Moldovan gay human rights and advocacy group.

In Tuesday’s announcement of the ruling, the court said:

“From the case materials it is clear that the Information Centre GenderDoc-M works on gender issues and protection of the rights of sexual minorities, thus being an organization with objectives, which do not contravene national legislation and international human rights law. The Supreme Court considers unjustified the refusal of the Chisinau city hall to authorize a march of solidarity by GenderDoc-M reasoning it with possible threat to the public order, as this motive is disproportional with the right to freedom of assembly, guaranteed by Art.11(2) of the European Convention for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”.

“We salute the decision of the Supreme Court, which we hope will put a political end in open discrimination of the LGBT community by Chisinau city authorities”, said the GenderDoc-M Chair Alexei Marcicov.

“It is the win of consciousness, law and human rights over prejudice and intolerance”.

Since May 2005 GenderDoc-M has filed three requests to the Chisinau city hall for authorization of “Pride” marches.

All were refused the city authorities claiming that the marches may pose a threat to public order following opinion stated by faith-based groups.

City Hall is said to have received considerable correspondence from religious leaders.

GenderDoc-M attacked these decisions in courts, which ruled in favor of the city authorities. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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