Mexico: Congressman brings transexual rights to the table

Anthony Cuesta | Janury 29, 2007

PUERTO VALLARTA — Transexuals in Mexico may win equal rights if a congressmen�s bill to amend the predominately Catholic nation�s constitution is approved.

David Sanchez Camacho said Thursday he will submit a bill in March that would amend the country's constitution to guarantee the rights of transsexuals and change civil laws to ensure they can legally change their name and gender.

According to the Associated Press, the bill would insert a paragraph into Article Four of the Mexican Constitution stating that "every person has the right to the recognition and free exercise of their gender identity and their gender expression."

Article Four currently guarantees equal rights for women and men and states the rights of children and families, but it does not mention homosexuals or transsexuals. A transsexual is a person who has undergone a sex change operation or whose sexual identification does not correspond with the gender at birth.

Two-thirds of both houses of Congress and two-thirds majorities in at least 16 of the 31 state legislatures must approve the bill in order for changes in the constitution to take place.

Claiming that his leftist Democratic Revolution Party will support his bill, Christian Broadcast News reports that Sanchez Camacho still has an uphill battle since his party holds only about one-fourth of the seats in the lower house.

Transexual activists say they hope other nations will follow cue in pushing for similar legislative action. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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