American gay porn star says he killed business man 'for nothing'

Anthony Cuesta | December 01, 2006

Timothy Boham
DENVER — The gay porn star accused of killing Denver businessman John Paul Kelso appeared in Denver County Court Thursday to face first-degree murder and aggravated robbery charges.

The Rocky Mountain News reports that Timothy Boham, 25, waived his right to formal advisement on the charges. He will be back in court for a preliminary hearing Jan. 17.

Boham was arrested Nov. 16 near the U.S.-Mexico border, one day after he was named as a suspect in Kelso's murder. The Rocky Mountain News reports that he waived extradition last week.

A housekeeper found Kelso, 43, shot to death in the bathtub of his upscale Congress Park home Nov. 13.

According to the Denver Post, Boham told his family that he killed Kelso because he wanted the $100,000 to $400,000 Kelso kept in his household safe.

The Post reports that court documents said Boham planned to use the money to go to South America with his girlfriend, he told his mother and sister shortly after the shooting, the records allege.

But Boham said his plan went awry when Kelso refused to open the safe, and there was a brief struggle during which he accidentally shot Kelso, according to the Post.

Boham told his family that when he cut the safe open, it was empty and "so he had done this for nothing," according to a police affidavit.

Kelso had a gunshot wound to the head, police told the Post.

Kelso was the founder of Professional Recovery Systems, a Denver collection agency. Boham was one of Kelso's employees.

Police said in the affidavit for Boham's arrest that friends and co-workers told them Kelso had, in the past, hired male escorts to whom he presented gifts, reports the Post. The co-workers believed that Kelso had developed a relationship with Boham, the affidavit said.

Police were able to track Boham with the help of his sister, Katherine, and his mother, Susan Stone, who called police after they had talked to Boham. They told investigators that Boham told them he was going to Mexico and gave officers Boham's cellphone number.

On Nov. 14, Denver police Detective Randy Denison received a phone call from Boham, who had called the detective at the urging of his mother.

Court documents said that during the conversation, Boham admitted shooting Kelso during a robbery attempt.

Boham was arrested Nov. 16 in Arizona, near the Mexican border, by customs officers. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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