Gay animal exhibit argues homosexuality is natural

Troy Espera | October 13, 2006

OSLO, Norway — A new exhibition at a Norway museum asserts that evidence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom means that homosexuality in humans is natural.

Geir Soeli, the project leader of the exhibition, told Reuters, "Homosexuality has been observed for more than 1,500 animal species, and is well documented for 500 of them."

A media statement issued by the exhibition, which is housed at the Oslo Natural History Museum said, "We may have opinions on a lot of things, but one thing is clear – homosexuality is found throughout the animal kingdom, it is not against nature."

The show that opened Thursday disputed religious condemnation for homosexuality.

In an editorial published in the Conservative Voice, columnist Nathan Tabor writes: �If homosexuality were truly strong in the animal kingdom, there would be no animals left, since they would be unable and unwilling to reproduce.�

�The trouble with museum exhibits like this one is that they try to sell children on the idea that homosexual sex is not an aberration – a claim that can lead to justification of same sex marriage,� Tabor�s commentary continues.

One radical Christian said organizers of the exhibition – partly funded by the Norwegian government – should "burn in hell", Soeli told Reuters. Laws describing homosexuality as a "crime against nature" are still on the statutes in some countries.

Greek philosopher Aristotle noted apparent homosexual behavior among hyenas 2,300 years ago but evidence of animal homosexuality has often been ignored by researchers, perhaps because of distaste, lack of interest or fear or ridicule.

Bonobos, a type of chimpanzee, are among extremes in having sex with either males or females, apparently as part of social bonding. "Bonobos are bisexuals, all of them," Soeli told Reuters.

Still, it is unclear why homosexuality survives since it seems a genetic dead-end.

The project leader told Reuters UK that a Dutch zoo had once organized tours to view homosexual couples among the animals.

The exhibition supports the view that human homosexuality could be "natural." – Issued by Gay Link Content

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