Behind the Mask: Thanks for the apology, now we need action

September 29, 2006

Our cultural and traditional upbringing fused at most times with spiritual guidance has taught us that if a person has wronged you and they realise their mistake and therefore apologise there is no reason not to forgive. This is the feeling of the Durban Lesbian and Gay Centre and Behind The Mask.

But as Proudly South African organisations servicing lesbian and gay communities in South Africa, it would not be right to just accept Mr Zuma�s apology for his anti-gay remarks without pointing out our dissatisfaction with his justifications for them. How does one mis-interpret a comment that �same-sex marriages are disgrace to the nation and to God"? How does this display his respect and commitment to uphold South Africa constitutional values? We cannot use culture to oppress but must use it to protect and promote our freedom.

The apology is accepted. Now we look forward to Mr Zuma�s support for same-sex marriages. We look forward to Zuma and all other South African leaders leading our people within a culture that promotes respect of diversity. People must learn more about sex, gender and sexual orientation. – Issued by Durban Lesbian and Gay Centre and Behind The Mask

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