Triangle Project welcomes approval of same-sex marriages

August 31, 2006

CAPE TOWN — Triangle Project welcomes Cabinet's recent approval of same-sex marriages. This is a positive step giving substantial political support and weight to the Constitutional Court's ruling, which ruled that parliament must amend the current definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Triangle Project firmly believes that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be able to access the right to marry their partner of choice. It is in the interests of fair access to the rights and benefits of marriage-both in terms of legal and social status-that Triangle Project supports the campaign for recognition of same-sex marriage. Furthermore, the organization notes that it is the poor and most marginalized members of society who stand to best benefit from the recognition of, and access to, the rights afforded by same-sex marriage.

We are aware that Cabinet's approval has elicited a public outpouring of prejudice by some religious organisations and commend Cabinet for maintaining objectivity in this matter. We again emphasize that this campaign has not called for religious recognition of same-sex marriage; it is simply a call for a legal recognition and is thus a human rights, as opposed to a theological, issue. Let us remember that the church and state are two separate entities and the legal right to marry does not impose on the religious one.

The approval of same-sex marriage will not only strengthen the moral fibre of our society, but will also recognise, enrich and develop the diverse cultures of this nation. Marriage will continue to be a legal institution where families can function to their full potential. It will be an inclusive institution where everyone who enters it can enjoy its full benefits.

The Constitutional Court had given parliament until December 2006 to make a gender-neutral amendment to the current Marriage Act. We trust that parliament will take heed of this decision and reach a conclusion that will be congruent with the High Court's decision and our country's Constitution. – Issued by Triangle Project

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