New Mexico gay man badly beaten

Partygoer accused him of 'being grabby'

Anthony Cuesta | August 17, 2006

SANTA FE — A New Mexico District Court says that an 18-year-old gay man who was badly beaten at a party in Edgewood late last month may have been assaulted because a fellow partygoer believed the gay man touched him inappropriately.

According to the Santa Fe newspaper The New Mexican, William York, 21, of Edgewood, and Leroy Segura, 19, of Moriarty have been charged with aggravated battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Bond for each man was set at $100,000 cash only by District Judge Michael Vigil on Monday. Two juveniles, a boy and girl, are also being held in connection to the case.

The New Mexican reports that York believed the victim tried to grab his butt while they were at a party in Edgewood on July 30, the statement says. He said Segura, who is known by the nickname "Half Pint," told him the victim tried to grab York's butt, the statement says.

In an interview, York told state police the comment upset him and made him want to fight the 18-year-old man, the statement says. York said everyone at the party made fun of the 18-year-old man because he was gay, the statement says. York said he wanted to ``scare' the victim to �make him straight and to get him to stop acting the way he was,� the statement says.

The juvenile male arrested in the case said he, York and Segura tied the gay man's hands, placed a torn black T-shirt over his head, walked him into a deserted field, pushed him onto a downed fence and beat him, the statement says. The juvenile, the statement says, said he egged on York by calling the gay man �joto,� a derogatory Spanish word meaning gay.

The documents did not contain statements from Segura, who wore a rosary around his neck in court Monday, reports the New Mexican.

The gay man suffered bleeding on the brain, a concussion, facial lacerations and bruising from the beating, which lasted for hours, state police told reporters. York, Segura and the juvenile male have been charged under New Mexico's hate-crimes law. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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