Anti-gay group protests Gay Games at Chicago bathhouse

Troy Espera | July 13, 2006

CHICAGO — A pro-family group protesting the Gay Games announced Tuesday the launch of its counter campaign beginning Friday July 15, culminating in a demonstration in front of a Chicago gay bathhouse.

Illinois Family Institute (IFI) says its campaign "Love and Truth Offensive" will present an alternative Christian message countering the Gay Games. The kickoff, IFI says, will be a press conference on Saturday, July 15 at 3 p.m. at the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, featuring a former lesbian, Linda Jernigan, and Greg Quinlan, who was once a homosexual activist with the gay lobby group Human Rights Campaign but is now married and active in the pro-family movement.

IFI says it is also working closely with a pastor from the Uptown Baptist Church in Chicago, who is leading a volunteer outreach of Christians who will present water bottles with a Gospel message to athletes and spectators at Gay Games venues across the city.

"We are presenting an alternative message to Gay Games attendees to anyone with an open mind to hear it," said IFI Executive Director Peter LaBarbera, in a media statement issued Tuesday. "Our outreach includes several excellent speakers who embody the spirit of true Christian compassion on this issue. All of us embrace the life – changing hope of Jesus Christ and understand that nobody has to be 'gay.'"

LaBarbera said the ´┐ŻLove and Truth Offensive´┐Ż will conclude Saturday night, July 22, with an informational Christian outreach in front of the Steamworks, a gay bathhouse in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood.

Steamworks is an official sponsor of the Gay Games.

LaBarbera added that Steamwork's sponsorship is evidence of the unhealthy "extracurricular" activities that surround this event and the homosexual lifestyle in general.

"Because we care about gay men, we will be in front of Steamworks urging them not to engage in destructive and highly dangerous behavior," he said. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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